Review: Get Hooked on Fish and Co.’s New Menu Dishes

fish and co

Fish and Co. at Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia

Bistro Group’s Fish and Co. has been in the business of bringing the flavors of the sea since 2009. And now, with the help of Bistro Group Corporate Chef Josh Boutwood, the seafood restaurant’s menu has just enjoyed an overhaul, the kind that many seafood lovers and curious eaters would come to try for themselves.

fish and co

Truth be told, this is the first time to eat at Fish and Co. It always appealed to me, and knowing how my family and I love our seafood (except my dad who has a mild allergy to crabs) it should have been on my list of default go-to places for dining. I am glad to have been invited to try out these new dishes and share with you guys which dishes are must-trys.

fish and co

Shrimp Popcorns (Php 325) with Chips

fish and co

The Shrimp Popcorn is my new favorite seafood snack. With real shrimps breaded and fried to golden brown, the shrimp pop corn is an easy way to enjoy shrimp minus the peeling. With the bite-sized serving, you just have to pop the shrimp popcorn into your mouth and enjoy! Delectable with or without the dip, but I prefer having it with the dip because it is tastier.

fish and co

Fish Crab Cakes (Php 625)

My initial reaction when I saw the price of these Fish Crab Cakes, which are priced at Php 625 for three pieces, was

Like seriously, Php 625 for three pieces of small crab cakes? That’s even more expensive than a plate of pasta. Later on, it sank in that these crab cakes are actually made of pure crab meat. Like enjoying crab minus the part where you have to go break off the meat from the shell. Crab is already expensive as it is. What more the cost of having someone do the manual labor of removing the meat from the shell?

fish and co

So yes, while not cheap, Php 625 is a good price to pay for fresh, juicy crab meat, compact and breaded. It makes my mouth water just by thinking about it.

fish and co

Smoked Fish and Crab Dip (Php 495)

The Smoked Fish and Crab Dip made a great starter. It comes with two pieces of toasted crostinis and four quarter slices of pita bread. You can go crazy with its thick, creamy dip that’s very flavorful.

fish and co

Steamed Mussels in Pico de Gallo (Php 545)

The Steamed Mussels in Pico de Gallo features Chilean Mussels, which are imported from abroad. This dish is big enough to share among a group of four to six people. It’s very juicy and well-cooked.

fish and co

Fresh Tuna Picatta (Php 595)

Fish and Co.’s Fresh Tuna Picatta nestled atop the aglio olio pasta proves to be a delicious pasta choice for tuna lovers. But between their two new pasta offerings, the Softshell Crab Pasta wins for me.

fish and co

Softshell Crab Pasta (Php 525)

The Softshell Crab Pasta is a flavorful combination of crab fat and al dente spaghetti. You’ll be surprised with the amount of crab fat this dish has packed in it. With every bite, you cannot deny that this is the best crab pasta ever. Adding to my amazement is the softshell of the crab. I wonder how they made the hard, resilient crab shell that soft and brittle? I have no idea if it makes it any more edible, though.

fish and co

Fish & Co. Paella (Php 875)

At Php 875 per pan of their bestselling Paella, this dish is probably the most expensive one we’ve tried that day! I know how time and again, I always say that I try to void eating rice, but this was just too difficult to resist. The rice was creamy and was mixed with seafood and chicken parts, with mussels and prawn on top. The dish is a little expensive, but you wouldn’t know how good this dish is until you try it fr yourself. I could compare it to Dulcinea’s Paella, but this one has a smaller serving size, but makes up for it with its extra creamy rice.

fish and co

Salmon Cannelloni (Php 575)

For salmon lovers, the Salmon Cannelloni is the pasta dish for you. These salmon-filled pasta sheets topped with bechamel sauce makes it a satisfying choice of main dish for those who want to see salmon in a different light. The cannelloni is not your ordinary pasta, and definitely not the kind you see in most restaurants, so if you’re up for something unusual, Fish and Co.’s Salmon Cannelloni is worth trying.

fish and co

A closer look at Fish & Co.’s Salmon Cannelloni

fish and co

Banana Caramel Pie (Php 225)

For desserts, the Banana Caramel Pie has two of my favorite things in a dessert: Banana and Caramel. With a thick layer of crushed graham comprising half of the cake slice, embellished with chocolate syrup, I could barely stop myself from stabbing it with my fork and eating it whole! (No, really.) The caramel sauce is very subtle, so for those who don’t like their desserts overpoweringly sweet, the Banana Caramel Pie would suit you well.

Citrus Herb Surprise (Php 155)

The Citrus Herb Surprise was my first choice of drink, based on the recommendation of Fish and Co.’s attendant. Nothing screams citrus than the fresh and zesty combination of basil, lemon and calamansi, all in one drink. It has actual calamansi on the drink! Very refreshing choice, and not too sour if you’re shying away from all things sour.

Healthy Hearty Squeeze (Php 165)

After downing a tall glass of Citrus Herb Surprise, I moved on to my second drink, the Healthy Hearty Squeeze. What really attracted me to the drink was the slice of mango hanging from the mouth of the glass. Little did I know that it also had carrots and melon into the concoction. Despite this, the sweetness of the mango and melon won over the taste of the carrot. This is a very healthy drink that kids would enjoy as well.

Price Range: Php 200-600 / dish

While their menu prices are definitely steep, Fish and Co remains to be one of the best seafood restaurants in the metro. Their menu offerings, especially the new ones innovated by Chef Josh Boutwood of The Bistro Group, says seafood like no other. If you’re a guy (or a girl) who wants to impress his/her date with a fancy and satisfying seafood dinner, Fish and Co. should be on top of your list.

Lastly, if you’re excited to try out Fish and Co. but is currently on a budget, you can’t go wrong with these Weekday Specials, which starts from Php 295. All served with soup and a glass of iced tea. Happy Lunching! -HANA

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