Chef Arnold’s Pizza: Lip-Smacking Pizza Offerings Right on Budget

Now with its second branch, Chef Arnold’s Pizza continues to provide pizza lovers with hefty pizza offerings that’s right on budget. Thanks to OpenRice’s Eat’s a Date, I was able to discover Chef Arnold’s Pizza’s second branch in San Juan, located at N. Domingo corner Lourdes St. I did have a rough time looking for the place because I’m not very familiar with the location, so I spent thirty minutes getting lost. Here are a few tips when going to Chef Arnold’s Pizza, San Juan Branch:

Chef Arnold’s Pizza San Juan Branch

If commuting by jeep, get down at Lourdes Drive. Lourdes Drive is two blocks away from J. Ruiz LRT Station and Three blocks from Broadway Centrum. Walk along Lourdes Drive and locate Chef Arnold’s at the corner of N. Domingo. If you happen to made a mistake going down at the Broadway Centrum, locate N. Domingo and walk along that street with your back to Cubao. It’s a long walk, so don’t panic if you’re not able to locate Chef Arnold’s San Juan branch in a minute or two. Landmarks are Savory Chix and Little Baguio Residences.

Look for Chef Arnold’s Pizza Sign along N. Domingo

Don’t expect to see a pizza restaurant, since the pizza place is more like a hole-in-the-wall store intended for take-outs. There are tables and chairs placed outside, but it would be a stretch to accommodate more than ten. There is also a table and a few chairs inside to serve customers waiting for their orders.

Chef Arnold prides himself in serving only the freshest pizza. We can attest to that as we had to wait a while before our orders were served since he refused to cook the pizza early. He wanted to bake the serve the pizza hot and fresh, just the way it’s supposed to be enjoyed.

Chef Arnold’s New Yorker Pizza

Chef Arnold’s Chicago Pizza


A Closer Look at the Chicago Pizza Pie

Sausage Delight

Wild, Wild Mushroom







All the pizza flavors were enticing, and it was tough choosing my favorites. If forced to choose, though, I would have to say my favorites were Chicago and Wild, Wild Mushroom. Chicago was the only pizza flavor that really looked like a pie. It had two thin layers of crust encapsulating a meaty filling. Wild, Wild Mushroom is mushroom lover’s heaven. It was filled with slices of mushroom, and you get to sink your teeth into the juicy mushrooms with every bite.

More than that, I think what these really show is how wide Chef Arnold’s range is with the pizza varieties. These were only seven flavors out of the thirteen, and we’re looking forward to try their five other flavors next time.

Lastly, the pizza pies were thin crust. Meaning, you get to taste more of the flavor of the toppings than the crust. It also doesn’t hurt that the prizes are so budget-friendly, at Php 60 for their Personal Size, Php 170 for the Family Size, and Php 240 for the Large Size.

Chef Arnold’s Bolognese Pasta for only Php 80

Chef Arnold’s Carbonara for Php 80

The pasta offerings are more than affordable. They’re super sulit! At Php 80 per serving, each serving can be shared by two people. The bowl is edible, too!

The Chef Arnold of Chef Arnold’s Pizza (and what I believe is his signature pose)

Chef Arnold’s Pizza Promo: Buy 3 Take 1 Free

And would you believe, Chef Arnold’s Pizza are going cheaper than their regular rates with their promo of Buy 3 Take 1 Free. Any pizza size. This promo is perfect to take advantage of for small parties and gatherings.

Chef Arnold Angsuco himself, with what I believe is his signature pose

I would have to say that one of Manila’s well-kept foodie destinations is Chef Arnold’s Pizza. Outstanding Pizza flavors at more than affordable prices. Kudos to Chef Arnold and his team for bringing great pizza at affordable rates without compromising taste and quality. You’d be surprised that even though the pizza pies are priced cheap, they’re not your run-of-the-mill type. The quality is at par, maybe even better than the more commercialized pizza brands such as Shakey’s, Yellow Cab, and Pizza Hut. If I didn’t know better, I would probably guess that the price range is around Php 300-400 for one large pizza.

Try out Chef Arnold’s Pizza today! They have two operating branches, one in Mandaluyong, and the other in San Juan.

Chef Arnold’s Pizza Mandaluyong Branch

722 San Rafael St. cor. Sta. Ana St., Mandaluyong

Accessible by Public Jeepneys from Boni going to Kalentong or Stop & Shop


Chef Arnold’s Pizza San Juan Branch

N. Domingo corner Lourdes St.


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