Unboxing and Day 0 of Novuhair: Nature’s Answer to Hair Loss

Truth be told, I have a severe battle with hair loss. How severe? I believe that if I sat down for two hours , I can actually count how many strands of hair I have. My hair is so thin now because of hair loss. If I attempt to comb through my hair with one hand, I’ll see numerous hair strands on my hand, which is really alarming to me. That’s only the tip of the iceberg. You would be scared for me if you saw how much hair my wide-toothed comb gathers after combing my hair. How much more time (and hair) do I have before I have barely nothing left to comb?

I think of the reasons for this massive amount of hair fall I’m dealing with. Stress might be one factor. Another factor would be frequent hair coloring and the amount of bleach they apply on my hair. I have my hair dyed at a local salon every three months. After through bleaching and blow drying, my hair looks fabulous, shiny and healthy. But a few days after, you’ll see that the beautiful hair was temporary, and my hair is actually dry and brittle, which is prone to easy breakage.

Since the amount of hair fall has really prompted me to take action, I decided to cut my hair short. What used to be waistlength hair is now a little below my bra-line. I also did some research and stumbled over Novuhair. Lauded as Watson’s Medicated Hair Care Brand of 2012 and 2013, I had to look into what Novuhair has to offer.

I received my Novuhair 3-in-1 pack via LBC, properly sealed and bubble-wrapped. The three plastic bottles were enclosed in a transparent, thin plastic box.

Novuhair 3-in-1 Nature’s Answer to Hair Loss

The bottles had a twist-on cap and was sealed with a sticker. I understand that it’s to prevent spillage during delivery or transport. It is to be replaced by the butterfly bottle cap (for the Shampoo and Conditioner bottles) and the automizer (for the Topical Lotion)

Caps properly replaced! The 3-in-1 pack is now ready for use

A Closer Look at the Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion

I was excited to try out the products and see if it works for me, but I knew it would take a while to see results.

Left: Novuhair Shampoo; Right: Novuhair Conditioner

First Impression: Both the shampoo and conditioner had a very strong smell. The smell would remind you of being in a spa with all the herbal aroma in the air. I would say that it wasn’t pungent, but it was definitely not the kind of smell you want stuck in your hair for hours. I made sure I rinsed it properly from my hair, but the smell of the Topical Scalp Solution (which I applied after and need not be rinsed) brought back the smell. Luckily, the smell goes away after a few hours (or your nose gets desensitized to the smell, whichever comes first).

I would have to say that MASSAGE is key to making this product work. I’ve seen one infomercial of a product before which aims to stop hair loss. The product was akin to a head massager, and it would stimulate the growth and regrowth of hair. Even on the labels of the Novuhair products, the instructions include massaging the products on your scalp for 5-10 minutes. For me, 5-10 minutes is too long, but if it works, then I have to put in some work too.

Here’s a list of my expectations from this product:

  • Reduce the amount of hair fall
  • Improve the quality of my hair by making it more vibrant and moisturized
  • Stimulate growth of hair, so that after I have finished using this pack, I’ll have thicker hair

I’ll do another report after using the products for a week or two. I have high expectations of this product because many have claimed that it works. For the price of Php 4,980 for the 3-in-1 pack, it’s a little expensive, but definitely not a high price to pay when you’re dealing with severe hair loss and alopecia.-HANA

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  • Jon snow  says:

    Hi Hana! Any updates about novu hair? :)

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