Review: Tutti Frutti’s 50% Off Promo for Flavor of The Week + Salted Caramel Fro-yo

Tutti Frutti Salted Caramel with Chocolate Chips and NIPS Toppings

Tutti Frutti has an ongoing promotion of 50% off their Flavors of the Week for a minimum order of 5 oz. Toppings will cost Php 10 and will not be included in the total weight of your Tutti Frutti froyo cup.

Justine, my best friend, decided to go with the Flavor of the Week, Pineapple, and ordered 7 oz. She added one topping, which cost her an additional ten pesos. While the regular price for the froyo is Php 20/oz, since she got FOTW plus one topping, she only paid Php for what should have been Php 140. What a treat!

I decided to order something different. I love Salted Caramel in drinks and ice creams, so why not froyo? It wasn’t FOTW, so the rate for mine was Php 20/oz, excluding toppings. I had NIPS and Chocolate chips for the toppings. Guess how much it cost me? Php 100! For four oz :)) Mas sulit sobra yung promo if you’re not picky with the flavors or if you want to try something different every week.

The Salted Caramel flavor’s taste took a while before it sank in my taste buds. It was great with the toppings, but I’m kind of ambivalent with the flavor. Both the saltiness and the caramel flavor were both not strong enough to my liking. Of course, it’s not strong enough :)) It’s froyo for pete’s sake. Nevertheless, it was delicious. And this is coming from me, who’s not a big fan of Froyo.

I also loved their plastic spoon! It comes in fun neon colors and it’s something I’d love to take home and reuse. It looks very durable too!

Don’t miss out on their Flavor of the Week Promotion, Froyo fans!-HANA

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