Review: Thai Wonderland at Silk Road, Bonifacio Global City

Silk Road Thai Bistro, Bonifacio Global City

In history books (and general knowledge website, Wikipedia *winks*), the Silk Road is a famous series of trade transmission routes which allowed traders from the west to connect with those from the east. Its name originated from the Chinese silk, which was heavily traded and carried through the famous route. Needless to say, the Silk Road was essential to the industry of ancient times, and has seen the development of many civilizations, as it allowed exchange of not only products and trade items, but also culture, religion, and even the famous bubonic plague, all of which greatly shaped history as we know it.

Now that history flashback is done with, let me clarify that the Silk Road at Bonifacio Global City is not of Chinese influence. While it initially gave that impression because of the name, Chef and owner Cecille Chang named the Thai bistro as such because of the recent developments in 4th avenue, with the Shangri-la Hotel soon to bring guests from all over the world to Global City.

Conveniently located at 4th ave cor 31st St., it was easy enough to find. For those coming with a car, there’s a nearby parking lot just across Net Quad Corporate Center. And for those commuting, it was a fifteen minute walk from J.P Rizal St. The nice thing about BGC is that walking is an enjoyable activity because of the sights, shades, and the pro-pedestrian traffic rules.

I was greeted warmly by two attendants and led to our table, where I met co-bloggers Stacy and Ar-jay already comfortably settled in their seats. The restaurant was adorned with huge oriental lamps which provided dim lighting to set the mood. Upon entering, a bar to your left with a collection of the best liquor will welcome you. On the second floor is a private dining area, or a closed curtain room, for VIPs who wish to dine in peace.

I can tell that the place is a preferred dining spot for VIPs, when I learned that we were seated next to a table accommodating head honchos from the San Miguel Corporation and GSIS. Despite that, a brief scan through the menu will tell you that their menu offerings are not very expensive. The price range of food is from Php 200-400.

Truth be told, this was probably the first time I had Thai food. I don’t really know why I shied away from Thai cuisine all this time. So I have nothing to compare the Thai experience with, as this was my first time. Let’s see how Thai cuisine fares with my taste buds as the judge.

The Food


Mieng Kham (Php 195)

For appetizers, we were served Mieng Kham, a traditional Thai appetizer. While it’s normally plated, Chef Cecille chose to present it in teacups, making it easier to scoop and eat. And yes, you eat the leaf. Its name, Mieng Kham, can be interpreted as “eating many things in one bite”. It’s derived from two words, Miang, meaning “wrapped in leaves” and Kham, meaning “bite”. And for an appetizer, it gave us a hint of the spiciness of the Thai food that is to come. Of course, you’re free to remove the chili.

Thai Ravioli (Php 330)

The Thai Ravioli was a favorite. It was made of noodles, sesame beef and shiitake mushrooms, wrapped in rice paper, then freshly steamed afterwards.

With Pork Floss on Top, the Thai Ravioli is best with the spicy vinegar

Son-in-law Eggs (Php 195)

These Son-in-law Eggs definitely piqued our curiosity with its peculiar name. Rumor has it that these eggs are cooked by mothers for their soon to be son-in-laws as a warning that if the man ever tries to do something to hurt the daughter, their precious eggs might meet the same fate. So, for guys out there who has been served these, consider yourselves warned!

The eggs were fried to golden brown perfection, and offers a combination of sweet and sour tastes. This is something kids would enjoy, without the chili. And the leaves are not just for presentation; you eat them, too! I loved the sweetness of the Son-in-law eggs, and thought to myself that guys shouldn’t feel so bad if their precious ever gets cooked the same way. Just kidding.

Salmon Cones (Php 295)

The Salmon Cones were really cute. Imagine salmon cubes infused with lemongrass lime and herbs served in mini apas or ice cream cones. But you have to eat them quick before the cone turns soggy! While this was an “okay” appetizer, I felt that it was a wee bit pricier and less value for money.

Chicken Basil (Php 295)


Crispy Tilapia in Tamaring Puree (Php 75/100g)

Siamese Pork Ribs (Php 310)

I liked these cinnamon caramelized Siamese Pork Ribs, served with a stone grill to keep the dish warm. The meat was tender, and because I’m a fan of all things sweet, I loved this dish. Kids would enjoy this dish as well.

Lamb Shank Massaman (Php 120/100g)

The Lamb Shank Massaman were incredibly tender. Imagine the patience and dedication of slow cooking this dish for eight hours, just to achieve that perfect tenderness. It is served with crispy noodles and sweet potato chips.

Pad Thai (Php 340)

The Pad Thai was another crowd favorite. Known as a traditional Thai noodle dish, it had pork, shrimp, bean sprouts and eggs, and finally wrapped with a cheese net. You can tell that they took their time to make this dish with an impressive presentation.

Despite the feast that we enjoyed, I cannot leave without having tried any of the Thai desserts. And so, I tried three of them.

Sticky Rice with Mango (Php 220)

Silk Road’s Sticky Rice with Mango, served in a wooden ornament, and adorned with a fresh orchid on the side, is something I can easily compare with the popular Pinoy dessert, Suman at Mangga. It also came with what appears to be sweet cream or milk, which you can pour over the rice to make it sweeter. This was, among the three, my favorite dessert.

Takoh Thai (Php 190) Tapioca Pearl with Coconut Custard in Tea Cups

Homemade Coconut Ice Cream (Php 180)

While I’m not a fan of many things coconut, I would give Silk Road’s Homemade Coconut Ice Cream an A+ for effort to innovate. It was served in a coconut shell, and the staple orchid garnishing.

Pandan Juice with Syrup

The Pandan Juice was a good choice for beverage, considering that Thai food is very tasty, and you don’t want anything too sweet to overdrive your taste buds. If you’re not a fan of sweet drinks, this one is for you. You can control the sweetness of the drink since they serve the syrup separately. As mentioned earlier, I love sweet things, so I mixed all of the syrup with my drink.

Thai Milk Tea

For my second choice of drink, I went with the Thai Milk Tea that most of my co-bloggers were having. It came complete with the orchid embellishment. It was served cold and fresh. I found it a little too sweet, though, than other Thai Milk teas.

Things I Always Check

First is the comfort room. I’m impressed with their comfort room because it was very tidy and had supply of tissue for the guests. There was also hand soap available.

There was, unfortunately, weak wifi signal, so none of us got to connect at all. There were no power outlets sighted, too.

Overall, Silk Road really set the bar high for my Thai food standards. The food was not extremely spicy than what I had feared. Chef Cecille made sure that the dishes would be relevant and would appeal to the Filipino taste: sweet and moderately spicy. I liked how the food was a feast for the senses, and not just the taste. They were very consistent in their presentation, always making sure to include garnishing that made it completely Thai. I wonder if they have their own orchid garden, with the amount of orchid embellishments they include with the dishes? It’s a classy, yet cozy, place I would surely bring family, friends, or clients to.-HANA

SILK ROAD Thai Bistro
Net Quad Corporate Center, Shop H
4th Ave. cor 31st St. Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
Mobile No.: 0923-4218294

Thanks to Aldous Calubad of Aldous Ate The World for the event invite

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    Nice dining with you there =) I love thai! You should try to explore more hehe

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