Review: Braised Pork Ramen + Yummy Maki Fix at Tokyo Tokyo

Braised Pork Ramen Combo with three pieces Gyoza and Regular Red Iced Tea

Last Friday, my best friend Justine and I decided to have lunch at Tokyo Tokyo Megamall. I couldn’t even remember the last time I ate at Tokyo Tokyo. It must be ages already since my last visit. So I was keen to notice how different Tokyo Tokyo has become.

It’s still the same Tokyo Tokyo that I loved before, when it still had a branch at Robinsons Place Ermita. Tokyo Tokyo used to be my go-to when I had a bad day at school. I would eat to my heart’s content until I’m full and ready to fight again. I remember my default order back then was the Tonkatsu for two, and I’d share it with whoever I’m with. I used to be a rice monster back then, so their unlirice was always something I looked forward to every time I was there. Unfortunately for me, it closed, and I had to look for other happy place alternatives.

So we decided to order a Regular Braised Pork Ramen Combo (inclusive of a regular Red Iced Tea and Gyoza) plus four pieces of Tempura Maki, and another four pieces of Spicy Beef Maki. I was craving for Kani and Corn Salad which was displayed on the glass shelf, but had to forego ordering it for dessert.


The Gyoza wasn’t oily, but I found it soggy. It wasn’t filled with meat and vegetable filling like it’s supposed to be.

Braised Pork Ramen Combo (Php 200)

The Braised Pork Ramen was okay. I liked the slices of Braised Pork that had sweet sauce on it. I also did enjoy the piece of nori on the side, and the piece of soft egg which melts in your mouth when you savor its flavor. What I did not enjoy was the saltiness and oiliness of the soup base. I could not bring myself to finish my bowl of soup.

Tempura Maki

Spicy Beef Maki

I have to say that I loved both of these two maki variants <3 It was the sweet sauce that made it more interesting than it already is. But between the two, the Spicy Beef Maki wins for me. The cream cheese in the Spicy Beef Maki made it creamier, plus the combination of the perfectly sticky Japanese rice was so irresistible for me. Plus, they’re super affordable at Php 59 for four pieces! You just have to hand it to Tokyo Tokyo for being able to provide amazing Japanese dishes at a price that’s not to heavy on the wallet.

That’s pretty much it, and I hope you’ll try out these two maki recommendations above! You won’t regret it!-HANA

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