Review: Powerseed Portable Power Bank Power Pack

powerseed power bank

Powerseed Power Bank 6000 mAh

You guys are probably all aware how the Iphone’s battery is its Achilles’ heel. Mine can’t even last for more than eight hours, lest I’m sleeping. What more if I’m out on events and taking photos and videos and selfie-ing all day? #LOL. But there were also a lot of times when I experienced the hassle of having to look for a food establishment or coffee shop with outlets, just so that I can charge my phone. Also the inconvenience of not being able to contact and be contacted. My mom freaks out every time she can’t contact me, kulang na lang i-pablotter ako sa pulis.

powerseed power bank

Remember: Do not short circuit! #LOL

So I’ve been seriously considering buying myself a powerbank, for those emergency moments when I actually need my phone. It was a good thing that I won this Powerseed Portable Power Pack in one of the events I attended. It comes in four colors, black ,white, neon yellow, and baby blue, but black and white were the only ones available. I chose the white one to match my pink phone.

powerseed power bank

The unit measures 108 x 64 x 23.5 mm (LWH) and weighs 190g. It comes with a USB to DC charge or discharge wire, and four adapters: a Nokia 2.0 Adapter, a Micro USB adapter, a mini USB adapter, and an iPod/ iPhone adapter. I liked that it comes with a lot of adapters, so its use is not limited to phones. You can also charge digital cameras, MP3/MP4 players, and portable game consoles such as PSPs. And when it’s the power pack that’s running low and needs charging, you can charge it by computer, an AC adaptor, and by car chargers.

It can also charge two phones at once, as long as you have two discharge wires. The two USB ports are on the top.

powerseed power bank

powerseed power bank

First time to charge my Powerseed Powerbank

A friend told me that a 6000 mAh-powerbank can fully charge my phone upto three times. I tried searching online and compiled together a list of popular devices and their battery capacities:

Google Nexus 7 – 4,326 mAh
iPhone 5 – 1,440 mAh
iPhone 4S – 1,432 mAh.
iPad (4th Generation) – 11,560 mAh
iPad (3rd Generation) 11,560 mAh
iPad 2 – 6,930 mAh
iPad (Original) – 6,614 mAh
Microsoft Surface (with Windows RT) – ~4256 mAh
Samsung Galaxy S III – 2,100 mAh
Samsung Galaxy Nexus – 1,750 mAh

By using basic math, you can tell that any powerbank with the capacity of 6000 mAh can charge my iPhone 4s upto four times. That’s more than enough for emergencies! The list above also tells you that you can’t fully charge tablets since the power in the power bank isn’t enough to fully charge even an iPad 1. But for emergency purposes, it can at least charge your device by an additional 50%.

After a few days of using the Powerseed power bank, there were times that I found it disappointingly unreliable. While at home, I tried charging my phone with it once, and I couldn’t switch it on. Thinking that it’s out of charge, I plugged it and found two indicator lights lit, and one indicator light blinking. So it still had 50% charge, but doesn’t want to charge my phone! I didn’t really find out why, but for most times, it’s working now.

Overall, I’m happy with my Powerseed Power bank. I’m not sure how much its suggested retail price is, but my search online led me to an online shop which sells the same item for Php 1,499. A bit pricey, but a power bank really comes in handy when your phone dies on you. You just have to invest in a power bank so that you’re not caught with a dead phone during emergency situations.-HANA

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