Review: Mad About Papa John’s Pizza and Other Dishes

Papa John’s Simply Cheese Pizza (Php 460 for Party Size)

During the Papa John’s Monster Match: Pizza Eating Challenge, we bloggers also got the chance to enjoy our own pizza party at Papa John’s Greenbelt 3. We can’t just go home with an empty stomach after watching all those teams take down pizza after pizza. We were hungry and excited for Papa John’s, too!

Potato Wedges (Php 99)

These Potato Wedges really does a great job as appetizers. Bite-sized and easy to consume, tasty dipped in pizza sauce, the Potato Wedges should be enough to keep you company while you and your friends wait for your main dish.

Carbonara (Php 180)

Their creamy Carbonara was a group favorite. Served with a Penne-type pasta, the sauce was flavorful and delightful. However, at Php 180, I would consider it expensive for the small serving.

Forgive me for forgetting to ask about the name of this dish, but this was my favorite pasta dish that night. It was spicy, even spicier than their jalapeño. It was a combination of sweet and sour with a kick of spice. They were also generous with the sauce and cheese portions on this one.

Meatball Bolognaise (Php 200)

Anything Bolognese is a sure win for me. But this dish was too easy to consume with the small serving, that at Php 200, I think it’s overpriced.

Signature Pizza: Super Papa’s

At first I couldn’t recall what the name of this pizza was, because it resembles Taxas Heat more than Super Papa’s, especially with the lack of pepperoni topping the pizza. But when I was actually able to appreciate the little pepperoni that was there, I realized that it was Super Papa’s! This heavy weight was so difficult to finish, with its full thick crust and tick cheese layers, together with its plethora of other toppings, such as pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, mushrooms, onions, black olives, and many others. I was only able to finish one slice. I remember going crazy on the garlic dip and jalapeños, we had to request additional servings of jalapeños several times!

Simply Cheese Pizza

One of Papa John’s Classics, the Simply Cheese Pizza, goes to the cheese lovers (like me!). I love how it’s not complicated by so many toppings. As the name of the pizza suggest, it’s just cheese (Mozarella, to be more specific). There are just some things in life which should be kept uncomplicated. Right?

Papa John’s Greenbelt Branch were decorated all over in celebration of Halloween. Here’s a photo of our lovely spectator while we were enjoying a heart dinner at Papa John’s:

Sadako says “Trick or treat!”

Guess we’re not the only ones who love our Papa John’s Pizza :) -HANA

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