Phoemela Baranda Admits Having a 14-year old Daughter


TV host and model Phoemela Baranda came clean today in a tell-all interview last October 27, 2013, and admitted to having a fourteen year old daughter. In the talk show Buzz ng Bayan (formerly the Buzz) Baranda shares that Kim, her daughter, was the child she had when she was only nineteen years old. This was the time she was starting to get recognized locally as a model, which forced her to hide the truth for her career. Kim grew up recognizing Phoemela as her sister. It was only when Kim was 11 that Phoemela revealed to her that she was Kim’s real mother.

Baranda even made an announcement on Instagram and Twitter about her tell-all interview an hour before it was shown on TV.

I’m not sharing this because I’ve grown an interest for showbiz. In fact, this news just heightened my disgust for it. I understand the circumstances she was in, which forced her to hide her daughter and the truth from the public. What I don’t understand is how and why showbiz dictates these things. Does motherhood make you less desirable and less attractive? Does it make a woman any less of a person? Would producers and directors reject her for hosting stints if they were aware she had a daughter? I am really saddened that, while the ideal answer to my questions above is a big NO, women are aware that they will be judged for having a child. We’ve heard rumors about young actresses getting an abortion after unwanted pregnancies, so that they may be able to salvage their career. To what end?

Not judging Phoemela Baranda. I am truly happy that she has decided to acknowledge her daughter in public. Kim is such a beauty, too!

How about you? What’s your say on this issue?-HANA

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