Girl Crush Alert: Phoebe Tonkin in Sexy Shoot For Complex Magazine

Ever since I laid eyes on Phoebe Tonkin when I first watched her in The Secret Circle, I just can’t stop looking at her. You know how other character occupy the screen too, but my vision limits myself to how amazing this girl looks.

Phoebe Tonkin for Complex

The Australian actress was first known for her role as Cleo Sertori from H2O: Just Add Water, and was followed by her breakthrough role as the bitchy witch Faye Chamberlain in The Secret Circle. Finally, she joined the cast of my favorite series, The Vampire Diaries as the werewolf Halley Marshall.

She now stars alongside Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies and Claire Holt in the TVD spinoff, The Originals, portraying still Halley Marshall. In the spinoff, she is pregnant with Klaus “miracle baby” and is used by the witches of New Orleans as leverage to get the support of Klaus in getting rid of Marcel and his group who now rules New Orleans.

I can’t help but stare at her pouty lips. They just pout without even trying! It’s something every girl would love to have. Be in overalls, midriffs, or ripped jeans, Phoebe is super sexy. She’s probably just as sexy all-covered up!

It would also suffice to say that she was my favorite witch in The Secret Circle. Faye was that bitchy, rebellious bitch that we all love to hate. But at the same time, she just looks so amazing. How can anyone bring themselves to hate her?

Phoebe shows off her sexy bod in this shoot for Complex. It really is no surprise why after Paul Wesley (Stefan in The Vampire Diaries) split with ex-wife Torrey DeVito (Dr. Meredith Fell from TVD) Phoebe and Paul are being rumored to be together! Super not shocked. They look glamorous.

I’ll be listing down more girl crushes in the upcoming weeks. For now, Phoebe Tonkin is a certified girl crush! If I were a boy, or if she ever makes it here to the Philippines, I am definitely going to throw myself on her. #shamelessconfessions Haha! Much love! -HANA

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