Review: Roll with the Newest Pizza Craze, Pazzo Rollio at Robinsons Magnolia

Pazzo Rollio at Robinsons Magnolia: Creative Pizza Company

When I received my invite for the Pazzo Rollio Grand Roll-Off, I knew it was an event I couldn’t miss. Pizza has been always been my comfort food, my choice of company, together with a cold bottle of beer when I’m feeling depressed. But that won’t stop me from eating good pizza on my better days!

Pazzo Rollio opened its first outlet at Robinsons’ Magnolia, and the pizza restaurant can be found near the cinemas on the third floor. It’s a fast casual restaurant which serves hand rolled pizzas and other italian dishes such as pasta bowls, cannelloni rolls, lasagnes, and chopped salads.

The restaurant’s specialty is none other than their signature dish, the Pazzo Rollio. The Pazzo Rollio is characterized by paper-thin crust dough made from all natural and organic flour, and topped only with the freshest ingredients. It is also served with organic Alfalfa and Arugula. Pazzo Rollio evidently aims to promote a healthy lifestyle with their choice of ingredients.

Arugula and Alfalfa

The best part is you don’t eat it like your ordinary pizza! Customers literally have to roll the pizza in order to enjoy it, which gives them a wonderful and unforgettable pizza experience in return.

Roll and enjoy!

The restaurant also offers something unexpectedly new for a mall restaurant: a loft! The owner, Ms. Mariko Jacinto, shared with us that the loft was quite popular with the toddlers aged 3-5 years old. Well, that explains why Cha and I were so eager to climb up there! Our mental age reveals itself.

The only restaurant in Robinsons Magnolia with a loft

It’s meant to be space for groups who wish to hang out. The beauty of it (for me, personally, haha!) is that there are outlets available on the loft area, as well as the tables under the loft. So this would be a great place for college kids to work on their project or study for an exam.

Chillin’ at the loft with Cha and JB


The cool kids now with Pazzo Rollio’s Mariko Jacinto

We had so much fun up there, but it’s a pain to climb the steep ladder if you’re the kind who has to go to the toilet a lot, or needs to stand up and stretch his limbs often. I think that the attendants, too have a hard time climbing up the ladderm especially without handles. I will not recommend it to those who are clumsy or who has poor balance or weak legs.

Pazzo Rollio offers a Create Your Own Pizza option for Php 200 for a solo sized pizza, and Php 400 for sharing. And with the vast number of topping choices that Pazzo Rollio offers, who could resist making your own pizza? I’d probably drown mine in pineapples and cheese <3

Here are some menu offerings that you’d definitely be keen to try out in Pazzo Rollio:

Popeye’s Spinach and Artichoke Dip (Php 145)

Pazzo Rollio’s Popeye’s Spinach and Artichoke Dip was one of my favorite dishes that day. Cha and I agreed that it was comparable to Cyma’s Spinach and Artichoke Fondue, but it had regular bread slices instead of pita and French bread. And you’d be wise to not eat them all immediately. The bread will help you deal with the Tabasco sauce later, should you be foolish enough (like me) to put too much on your pizza.

Spinach and Artichoke Dip love <3

Mr. Chips (Pizza Chips) Php 85

The Mr. Chips makes an okay appetizer. A little lacking on the salsa (?) dip for me, so I had to eat some of the chips without the dip. Chips are sad without dips, don’t you think?

De Niro’s Classic Bolognese (Php 195)

For the pasta, my favorite would have to be De Niro’s Classic Bolognese, simply because I adore meat on my pasta. It’s very affordable, too! I can finish one plate by myself.

Fellini’s Capellini (Php 185)

Fellini’s Capellini was a dish which offered an unusual choice of pasta. Capellini is a thin variety of Italian pasta, so it was very light on the stomach to eat. However, I found this dish a wee bit oily.

Beef and Spinach Cannelloni (Php 185)

We mistook the Beef and Spinach Cannelloni for a lasagna! It looked the same from where we were seated. But a cannelloni is different from a lasagna because the cannelloni is cylindrical in nature, while the lasagna is flat. The cannelloni is baked, and served and topped with a filling. I loved how cheesy this dish was, and could have finished it all by myself!

Big Bang Supreme (Solo for Php 200, Sharing for Php 380)

The Big Bang Supreme would be a safe choice for those unfamiliar with Pazzo Rollio’s other pizza options.

A closer look at Big Bang Supreme’s Pizza Toppings

Though not my first time, I enjoyed eating pizza the Pazzo Rollio way. For our pizza, it was just a bit difficult to roll it because the crust was too crispy. I did like that it was thin crust, so you get to taste the flavor of the toppings more than the dough. Served with the Arugula and Alfalfa, it instantly becomes a guilt-free dish for anyone who’s health-conscious. This might be good for your cheat days, too.

Now with the Arugula and Alfalfa

And try not to go too crazy on the Tabasco. Tabasco ≠ Hot sauce.

What I really appreciate about Pazzo Rollio is that their effort to bring unusual dishes which are (more often than not) expensive and not an affordable choice for many Filipinos. They also have Breakfast Pizzas (such as the Benedict’s Egg) and Dessert Pizzas (like the Apple Tartdashian with Apple Tart Tatin on top) which I am dying to try. I’ve never seen pizza like those before, and not at a price range of Php 200!

For the drinks, they serve soft drinks, brewed coffee, fruit juices, local and imported beer (which goes so well with pizza on a bad day!), and Bayani Brew. I have yet to understand the taste of Bayani Brew.

Bayani Brew

The grand opening was also graced by TV hosts and models Marc Nelson and Janeena Chan.

Marc Nelson and Janeena Chan posing with the owners and staff of Pazzo Rollio

We had an amazing time during the Pazzo Rollio Grand Roll-off. Great food shared with equally great friends. What more can I ask for?

Cha, all smiles with her slice of Big Bang Supreme

I have so much to come back for, like the Benedict Egg’s Pizza and the Apple Tartdashian. See you at Pazzo Rollio! Oh, and you’ll definitely know which spot you’ll find me in. ;) -HANA

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