Papa John’s Monster Match on October 26, 2013


Papa John’s Monster Match

Do you have the appetite to take on this monster match? Join Papa John’s Monster Match on October 26, 2013, Saturday, at Papa John’s Pizza, Greenbelt 3.

Here are the full mechanics:

1. Assemble your own team of three (3) members, & pay the pre-registration fee of P100 per member at Papa John’s Greenbelt.

2. All pre-registered teams will have to come to the event on Oct. 26, 2013 by 5:30 PM SHARP and sign-up at the registration booth at the Greenbelt Park. Here, teams will be assigned their monster team and be given their team name board.

3. All members of each team will have to drop by the “Monster Maker” station and undergo a monster makeover (basic face paint).

4. Teams will proceed to the “Monster Name Design” station where they will decide on their team name & design their team name boards.

5. Matches will be determined and the eating contest will start as soon as all teams are prepared. The eating contest will have five (5) rounds:
a. ROUND 1 – Tuscan Six Cheese Pizza
b. ROUND 2 – Potato Wedges
c. ROUND 3 – John’s Favorite Pizza
d. ROUND 4 – Three Cheese Pasta
e. ROUND 5 – Sundae Triple Scoop

6. Teams will be given three (3) glasses of water, & three (3) pcs pepperoncini at the start of each round. Teams will be given a 5 min. break after each round.

7. Each round, the teams will battle it out in a 2 min. eating contest. Whoever finishes first OR finishes the most within the assigned time moves on to the next round and will be given their winner glowstick vouchers. The battles will continue, until only one (1) team remains, and shall therefore be crowned the “Monster Champions”!

Form your team of three (3) members, pay the registration fee of P100 per member, and each automatically gets a Monster Pack – with PBA shirt, Papa John’s memo pad, P200 gift certificate, & stubs of FREE BEER.

Drop by at Papa John’s Greenbelt 3 branch to preregister your team! Where else can you find an awesome promo where you can eat a lot of pizza for P100. You get a free beer/soda, too! Join in the spirit of Halloween and celebrate by unleashing the Pizza monster in you!

And for those interested to watch the monster battle that will unfold, head over to Greenbelt Park tomorrow, October 26, to witness this monstrous pizza-eating event with us. See you there!-HANA

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