Papa John’s Monster Match

Papa John’s Monster Match: The Pizza Eating Challenge

Last Saturday, October 26, hundreds of hungry little monsters flocked to the Greenbelt Activity Center to try their luck in Papa John’s Monster Match: The Pizza Eating Challenge.

Teams of three lined up at the Registration table for a chance to come out victorious from this pizza-eating challenge. There were so many teams who pre-registered that they had to refuse some from joining. A total of forty teams made the cut. Armed with an empty stomach, from hours, days of starving preparation, they took their seats and readied themselves from an eating challenge to the death. (Just kidding.)

Facepainting Area

But before that, they had to be face painted! All the team members had their team number painted on one cheek.

Magic show

There was a magic show before the contest proper which entertained the brave challengers.

Finally, Papa John’s brought out boxes of pizza, assigning two 12-inch pizzas per team. In the first round, they have to eat as much as they can in two minutes, and the first twenty of the forty teams who ate the most pizza advances to the second round.

While I do love pizza and all, believe me when I say that it doesn’t look easy to down two boxes of pizza, not even with three people, especially with a two-minute deadline. We saw some of the teams making a pizza sandwich, one pizza on top of the other, before devouring it, in an attempt to finish faster than the other teams. Another team decided to eat up standing, so that it would be easier for them to swallow and digest. While many teams did not advance to the next round, Papa John’s was so generous to let them bring home their left over pizza, so they can still continue their pizza party afterwards. At Php 100/person registration fee, plus lootbags with a booklet of Papa John’s coupons and a PBA T-shirt, a coupon for free beer, and a Papa John’s gift certificate worth Php 200, no one goes home feeling like a loser.

The Winners of the Papa John’s Monster Match: Pizza Eating Challenge

After five rounds, only one team was declared the winner. Congratulations to Team 21! These little monsters had the appetite to take on such an incredible challenge. I even saw them still eating some of their sundae leftovers after the event! Where do they keep the food?

The next time Papa John’s organize a pizza-eating challenge, don’t miss it. Where else can you get access to amazing pizza and lots of take-home prizes for only Php 100? I rest my case. -HANA

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