Mystery Solved! Sherlock Season 3 Premiere Date Set

Who’s coming back on TV early 2014?

After two years of fans speculating on the date of its return, it has finally been revealed: The US Premiere of Sherlock’s third season will be on January 19, 2014 at 10 PM, back-to-back with another Brit series, “Masterpiece.” Sherlock Holmes, played by Benedict Cumberbatch and his partner in crime-solving, Dr. John Watson, played by Martin Freeman, returns to US television early next year, as revealed by an exclusive scoop of Entertainment Weekly.

While the UK Premiere date is still yet to be announced, US fans are extremely happy that the long wait is over, and that their favorite sleuth is soon to solve mysteries and close hard-to-solve cases.

As for me, I haven’t even gotten past Season 1, but I’m hooked already. I just started watching last week, and I’m taking my time watching the series. This show requires a lot of brain work for viewers to be able to follow the logic of Sherlock’s mad deduction skillz. And am I the only one he reminds of a young Tom Cruise? In any case, if you haven’t started picking up this show, go and add it to your watch list. Just three episodes each for the first two season. And much promise for a more exciting third season ahead. -HANA

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