Sweet Treats at My Pink Wasabi, The Collective, Makati

My Pink Wasabi at The Collective, Makati

Looking for a sweet spot in Makati? Located at The Collective, Makati, near the PNR railways is My Pink Wasabi, a place which welcomes sweet lovers and Japanese enthusiasts with their treats shaped like a maki. Of course, you guys are already familiar with maki, or rolled rice with fried nori and fillings. We love maki, especially California Maki. But did you know that we had a local version of the same sushi we all love, but made with chocolates and other sweet ingredients?

It’s definitely an awesome find for a J-culture fan like myself. I have professed my love for Japan since I was young, and I am a big fan of their food. Like I mentioned earlier, I love maki and all, but I’m not a big rice eater, since I prefer eating more desserts than rice. Imagine my surprise and delight when I found out about the kashi maki, these sweet maki that Chef Anna Chua innovated in search of a unique gift for Christmas.

Chef Anna has been making these intricately prepared makis since 2011, and has made 22 flavors since then. they’ve been participating in major food bazaars in the metro, such as Yummy Eats and Best Food Forward, which introduced their one-of-a-kind product to the foodies in the metro. While they already have Fior Cafe in SM North Annex as their stockist and a commissary in Novaliches, Quezon City, this branch in The Collective is My Pink Wasabi’s first ever outlet.

The name alone draws Japanese cuisine lovers and Japanese tourists to try out and satiate their curiosity. Their main offering, their signature Kashi Maki, stands for sweet (kashi) rolled rice with wrap (maki). I, along with food bloggers Aldous, Karen, and Missy, went one Tuesday night to have a try of My Pink Wasabi’s Kashi Maki.

Apparently, they don’t just carry only kashi makis. They have brownies, cheesecakes, cookies, and even offers bottled milk tea!

They had stainless metal chopsticks for eating the kashi maki, but if you’re not adept with using chopsticks, they have forks for you too. While I’m comfortable using chopsticks when eating sushi, I found it REALLY difficult to pick up these chocolate-coated treats with the metal chopsticks. So when I was successful after many attempts, I just had to take a selfie, before it slides off my chopsticks’ cold grasp. I’m guessing that it’s difficult to handle with the metal chopsticks because of the smooth surface of the makis wrapped in chocolate. I’d probably do a better job if I had wooden chopsticks instead. I did stop trying to use the chopsticks at one point because I liked the fork better. The fork allowed me to cut through the makis and the brownies nicely. I doubt you’d be able to do it without fuss with the chopsticks.

The Coffeeholic Mr. Bean (aka Coffee Bourbon Brownies) Php 45/piece

The Coffeeholic Mr. Bean was a favorite mainly because the outside is crunchy while the inside was chewy. It’s perfectly baked, and makes for a good no-mess snack, since its inside is not falling all over your clothes or the table. Personally, the coffee flavor was not as strong as I was expecting, and I found it too sweet after devouring the first half of one piece.

Cheesecake (Php 45)

The Cheesecake was my personal favorite out of all the menu items! Again, I loved the size and how it is super easy to consume. It wasn’t too sweet for me, and left me wanting more! One piece of this cheesecake is just not enough.

Kashi Maki (Php 35/piece for Regular Flavors, Php 43/piece for Premium Flavors)

We got to try out a lot of kash maki flavors that night, so please excuse me if my taste buds couldn’t anymore recognize each flavor’s taste. But here are a few standouts for me:

  • Nutella Sesame — The Nutella Sesame is made of chocolate cake, Nutella Dark Chocolate Ganache and covered in Black Sesame seeds. I enjoyed the balance of the chocolate cake’s sweetness and the neutral taste of the sesame seeds. Plus, sesame seeds have lots of health benefits and packs in a good number of minerals. I bet you didn’t know that sesame seeds help lower cholesterol levels and prevent high blood pressure? /trivia
  • Chef A’s Pop Secret — This one’s made with chocolate-covered Pop Corn in Chocolate Caramel ganache, complete with a Chocolate wrap to resemble the maki. I found the popcorn an interesting and chewy addition. Chef Anna actually served Chocolate Popcorn, and we loved the idea. So Popcorn + Chocolate = WINNER combination.
  • White Matcha — The White Matcha is made of Pistachio Cake, White Chocolate Matcha Ganache, and White Chocolate Tablet. Even though I was afraid to taste it at first because of the pistachio (I’m not nuts about nuts), but it actually tasted good!

With over twenty flavors, you just can’t resist having a taste of each one of them. They offer Premium Kashi Maki, which are seasonal flavors such as Kashi Makis made of Mango, Durian, Chocnut, and Guyabano. And take note, the Kashi Makis are very tedious to make, especially the ones with the chocolate wrap. Chef Anna shares that it take at least eight hours up to a full day to make the chocolate-wrapped Kashi Maki.

The Kashi Maki, Cofee Bourbon Brownies, and Cheesecakes really make a good pasalubong. My Pink Wasabi has these really neat boxes for four, nine, and eighteen pieces of Kashi Maki. The Box of 18 even comes with a pair of stainless chopsticks! An oriental floral design decorated the matte neon boxes. If you’re buying them for yourself or giving them to someone else, remember that it’s best kept refrigerated, and it’s good for three days refrigerated. Also, it won’t last very long if you keep it out of the fridge, so make sure to get it to a fridge ASAP.


For beverages, My Pink Wasabi offers brewed coffee, bottled water, and bottled milk tea. We all decided to try their bottled milk tea.

Schlurp – Bottled Milk Tea

It was my first time to encounter this bottled milk tea named Schlurp. It comes in four flavors, Earl Grey Tea, Assam Black Tea, Ceylon & Indian Tea, and Himalayan Black Tea. I got the Assam Black Tea for myself and found that it was not too sweet, and is a perfect drink to go with sweet treats. Schlurp is also your milk tea on-the-go. I loved how I was able to take my drink home since I only finished one fourth of my drink. Schlurp’s bottle’s tight capped and poses no threat of spilling should you decide to keep it inside your bag.

Schlurp Assam Black Tea

I’m looking forward to trying out the other three flavors as well!

The Spot

My Pink Wasabi just recently secured this spot at The Collective to serve as an outlet, which would explain the tight place and limited seating capacity. At the moment, they have three tables and a few chairs, a wifi connection and power outlets. They definitely have set goals to expand and cater to more customers in the future.

The walls were painted with a splash of neon green and pink, and adorned with the same oriental flower design on their kashi maki boxes. It had wooden sliding doors, which were very consistently Japanese. The place was bright and welcoming. Their tables were adorned with a beautiful bonsai centerpiece made of pink beads and held together by wire. My Pink Wasabi’s The Collective outlet truly exuded that Japanese feel in every corner of the place.

I’m recommending My Pink Wasabi to sweets and dessert lovers, to kids, to Japanese culture enthusiasts, and to those who would ike to uncover something different and new. There’s a good chance I’ll be back to try out some of the flavors whose taste I missed, but they have other outlets too, so I might visit them as well.

Thanks to Aldous Calubad of Aldous Ate The World for the event invite.

My Pink Wasabi

Malugay St., The Collective, Makati City


Stockist: Fior Cafe, SM North Annex 5/F Cyberzone

Commissary: Unit C 1535 Joshua St., Jordan Plaines, Novaliches Quezon City

For rush orders, custom orders and requests, you may contact (0947) 8658634

or call (0929) 2779551 to track your orders/delivery line

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