Fit Mom Stirs Facebook Rage with “Fat-Shaming” Comment

Today, I’ll be blogging about Fitness Blogger and mom of three kids, Fil-Malaysian Maria Kang, who was accused by “jealous fatties” on Facebook of fat-shaming with her profile picture. Before you view the photo, here’s a little background on Kang. A freelance writer, freelance blogger, and a director of non-profit fitness organization, Kang reveals she has always been passionate about health and fitness. Her source of motivation comes from having a diabetic and overweight mother bearing the burden of having a heart disease. Since 2000, she has been sharing her passion with others as a personal trainer. You’d be surprised to know that she started doing sit-ups, leg lifts and jumping jacks every morning since she was in fifth grade. Talk about discipline!

Her weight shot up to a whopping 180 lbs during her first pregnancy. For women who has been pregnant in the past, you can definitely relate to the difficulty of losing the pregnancy weight that you gained. Some even get stuck to it for decades and never lose it anymore. so how exactly did Maria Kang lose her pregnancy weight and get back in top shape just seven months after giving birth? Maria Kang reveals, “Consistency is the number one thing that helped me lose weight after kids.”

So when she posted this photo as her Facebok page’s profile photo, outrage ensued from some “concerned” netizens. They found the tagline, “What’s your excuse?” on Maria’s photo insulting, and justified that not everyone needs an excuse, but actually have physical and medical problems that cause their difficulty in losing weight. Some Facebook users say that had she chosen another motivational tagline, she would not have to suffer the rage of the “excused”. The whole issue prompted Maria to post an apology.

Maria’s “Faux-pology”

Netizens refer to it as Maria’s “Faux-pology” or a fake apology, which did not really intend to apologize for whatever harm done. Despite that, the social media response to this issue was overwhelming. As of today, almost 250,000 Facebook users have liked her post to show support, and 35,ooo more commenting to the said post.

As for my personal opinion on this issue, I think that people are reading too much on this statement. The expression, “What’s your excuse?” has been used countless times as a motivational tagline. It’s almost like Adidas’ “Impossible is Nothing” ad, or like saying, “If I can do it, so can you.” It was the word excuse that had a negative connotation that got people worked up with this issue. But I really don’t see anything wrong with the choice of tagline. I use it myself during my Personal Finance talks, because really, there’s nothing stopping you from having an excuse. From time to time, we resort to live with our excuses than to get down and dirty and work our butts of for something we really want. The question now is, is our excuse really stopping us from getting what we want? And most times, you’ll find that the answer is a big NO.

So if you choose to live with your excuse, do not start flaming and bashing other people for being stronger than their excuse. If you are ill and obviously do not have the physical capacity to maintain an exercise routine and look that fabulous, then you’re going to live with that excuse, and you’re going to have to accept that other people live different circumstances than you, and if they have found success in their life, then the best thing you can do is be happy for them.

I really find Maria Kang inspirational with the amount of discipline she puts in her workouts and routines. I’m single, perfectly healthy and do not have kids yet, but my body does not look like that at all. I can come up with a million excuses, but none would ever be enough to justify why I’m not leading a healthy lifestyle and why I’m doing my best to avoid physical activity and training. And this does not only apply to exercise and losing weight. We have a lot of excuses for things we should have done but have not gotten around to doing it. Investing in your future is one. Working hard and getting a promotion is another. Learning a new skill you’ve always wanted to develop to improve yourself is another good example of this.

To Maria Kang, you are an amazing woman. Continue to inspire a lot of people to achieve their goals with consistency, determination, and proper discipline. You are now on my list of girl crushes, not because of your ripped body, but because you stuck with your choice of becoming healthy than your excuses to not be.-HANA

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