iPhone Games Review: Egg Baby and Subway Surfers

I recently went to a get-together with some friends, and it’s their fault I got hooked to these two games! Seriously, I was just looking for something to pass time while waiting for the others to arrive, but after downloading and playing them, I can’t stop playing it. Grr.

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers

5/5. This reminds me of Temple Run, minus the phone tilting and turning. You have to swipe to get to your direction of choice. The goal of the game is to collect coins, and run the farthest distance that you can while avoiding the trains and other barriers. It gets faster as you go along, so it becomes more difficult and, at the same time, more exciting! By default, you start with Jake, but later on you get to unlock Tricky (the girl character with the Bonnet). By completing mission sets, you up your multiplier, making it easier to multiply the distance ran with less work.

There are also boosts to make scoring points and earning coins a walk (or rather, a run) in the park.

It doesn’t hurt that the graphics are awesome matched with vibrant colors as well.

Egg Baby

Egg Baby

Compared to Subway Surfers, Egg Baby has a simpler gameplay. You start off with one house, with six nests. You can take care of one egg per nest. There are many different kinds of eggs you can choose from, but some are more expensive than others. Once you buy an egg, you take care of it like a pet; you feed it and bathe it, and you rock it to sleep. You get to tickle it to make it happier and play games with it to earn coins. There are three meters: one for sleep, one for happiness, and one for hunger. The three meters will tell you how well you’re taking good well of your egg.

18 hours before hatching

The Backyard

Eventually, the eggs will hatch and will reveal a new pet! The new pet is transferred to the backyard. The creatures don’t really need taking care of, so you don’t have to mind them at all. They give gifts and drop coins from time to time.

The thing I like most about Egg Baby is that it provides an experience, albeit a virtual one, of what it feels like to take care of pets. For kids, this will introduce them to the concept of responsibility. So if you have kids begging you for a pet this Christmas, let them have a try of what it’s like to take care of a virtual pet. A good alternative for this game would be Pou, which is free for Samsung smart phone users, but comes with a download fee for iPhone users. :'(

Both games are great for passing time. I’m not the kind who loves to try new games and sticks with it, but I;m really hooked to these two at the moment.

How about you? What iPhone games are you playing?-HANA

One comment to iPhone Games Review: Egg Baby and Subway Surfers

  • Kana  says:

    seems like my suggestion was worth it…<3

    i'll take care of my own egg baby when time gives me a chance…orz

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