iAcademy Accessory Design Workshop with Renowned Filipino Artist, Manu Respall

manu respall

Ms.Nicole of iAcademy and guest speaker, Manu Respall.

Written by: Lynette Torres

Last September 26, I was invited by my best friend Hana to attend an event on her behalf. iAcademy is holding an accessory design workshop with none other than Manu Respall.

After lunch was served, I was so inspired with all the elegantly dressed mannequins around us that I started doodling away. Marty, the event’s host saw my work and we chatted about our non-existent sewing skills. I mentioned I have more success with designing and making accessories instead. She quickly shared it to the guy beside him. Who else but “the Manu Respall”? (HANA: Manu Respall is a Filipino accessory designer who landed on the pages of Vogue Italia for his noteworthy creations)

The author with Manu Respall

And so, Manu and I shared a quick chat. I asked him what got him to succeed in the rambunctious field of art and fashion. We agreed it takes a certain amount of “apog” and “kapal ng mukha” to succeed to prove other people wrong, to believe in your own creativity. We talked about being a teacher. He shared he wanted to also be one. I could feel he was going to be a great one with all the passion he has for his own art.

He was indeed Manu the “Jack of all trades”. He was so many things at the same time but equally passionate about them all. First, he shared about his creative process.


Character/Reason/Element/Artistry/Treatment/Ergonomics. These are the principles that Manu lives by when creating his designs. One thing that struck me the most was his thoughts on “ergonomics” the wearability of your design. Too many artists create accessories or clothes that is impossible to wear. Indeed form follows function.

Then, comes the fun and stressful part. Manu asked us to create our own accessories. Well, guess what? He made us use paper to create our own accessories. Yes, paper and paper alone, paper with nothing else to hold it together. Talk about strumming our strings of creativity and resourcefulness.  After 20 minutes, we had to model our creations and they chose 3 winners at the end.


Bloggers and fashion students with their paper creations. Chumcee, the winner created a one-of-a-kind cape.

Afterwards, Manu shared to us his parting words. He said, everyone is born an artist and we all have it in us. We don’t need to learn art but it would be “wise” to do so. I do agree that art is in each one of us but honing it further will only make us better.

Good thing, schools like iAcademy offer various courses that cater to the arts. They are a pioneer school in information technology and multimedia arts. In addition to that, they have one of their newest courses, BS Fashion Design and Technology.  Ms. Nicole of iAcademy shared that second year students designed the gowns in the room. Talk about being impressive! iAcademy also partnered with “Project Runway Philippines” to further merge fashion and technology.

Lastly, iAcademy offers short courses for various art and information technology. These short courses cater to the ones who would like to continue education at a shorter amount of time. They are also in the process of creating new and exciting short courses catering to the fashion-savy. Now I can’t wait for that!

Meanwhile, for the fashion savvy and for those interested in exploring multi-media arts. I suggest you take a look at iAcademy. They have an interesting range of courses backed up with state of the art equipment. I’m sure you’ll be finding one that’ll suit your style.

For more information on iAcademy, you may go to their website www.icademy.edu.ph

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