Gardenia’s Happy Bread Day + “The Next Big Sandwich Hit” Competition

gardenia bread

Gardenia’s The Next Big Sandwich Hit

Exciting discoveries await foodies with Gardenia’s latest contest, “The Next Big Sandwich Hit”. The contest aims to bring out culinary geniuses from 10 universities, as they bring together 50 students to come up with unique and never-seen-before sandwiches that will capture the market’s taste.

Five teams from the ten competing schools are chosen from a ten-minute video audition and will allow them to advance to the qualifying round. In the qualifying round, they will be judged through a taste-test of three renowned judges and the live audience.

We got to see the competition for ourselves last October 16, 2013, Wednesday, at the Philippine Women’s University, as the said university’s culinary geniuses battle it out for the chance to represent their school in the finals.

The five teams came up with irresistibly appetizing sandwich creations. They made us excited for the day we’ll actually get to see their sandwiches in the market.

The five pairs presented their sandwiches to the three judges for scrutiny. This allowed the teams to gather constructive criticisms and suggestions from experts in the food industry regarding their sandwiches’ taste, choice of ingredients, and marketability.

The Judges

The five teams smile for the cameras with their Gardenia gift packs

In the end, Team 3 called Team Decka, won the hearts of the judges and the live audience! Congratulations, Team Decka, and we will see you in the finals.

PWU Representative to the Finals: Team Decka

Gardenia’s Next Big Sandwich Hit will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat with the reality-TV style presentation of the process the participants go through in their quest to create the “hit” sandwich. The finalists will also be judged based on their use of a sponsored ingredient, how much money they earn from the food kiosk challenge at Mercato Centrale, and their creation of three main sandwiches. Supporters may also support their favorite sandwiches by voting online. The top winner get to take home Php 200,000 in cash and prizes, and first and second runners-up also walks away with Php 70,000 and Php 30,000 worth in cash and prizes.


Save the date! October 28. 2013 at the Glorietta Activity Center, Makati, will be the day we celebrate Gardenia’s own Happy Bread Day, as well as the much awaited Finale Challenge. See you there!-HANA

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