Yoshinoya Relaunches at SM Megamall

yoshinoya sm megamall

Yoshinoya SM Megamall’s Grand Reopening last September 27, 2013

The Japanese fast food chain we have all come to love is back! After the overhaul on their SM Megamall branch, which paved the way to a brighter and more enticing Yoshinoya restaurant, Yoshinoya fans flocked to SM Megamall last September 27, 2013 to celebrate the return of their favorite Japanese fast food place.

For those who are not familiar with Yoshinoya, it has been in the Philippines since year 2003, but has been born in Japan way back 1899. It was the ingenuity of Eikichi Matsuda who created the delicious recipe of beef and rice, more commonly known to us as Gyudon. Nihonbashi, a small fish market in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, became the birthplace of what would be a giant internationally known brand. Yoshinoya was named after Mr. Matsuda’s birthplace, Yoshino-Cho. What made Yoshinoya an instant hit was the novelty of the idea of delicious, affordable and fast meals, which hard-working fishermen an market visitors loved.

The Yoshinoya brand grew to became a source of pride for the Japanese, with over 1200 outlets all over the world, not only in Asia, but also in the  US. It has become known for selling the “best beef bowls”. This is why even though Yoshinoya’s menu has changed all throughout the years to adapt to today’s consumers’ needs, the beef bowl remained as is: the same quality standard all other Yoshinoya brands around the world follow. The premium beef with special beef stock over a big bowl of steaming rice will always be Yoshinoya’s specialty.


Yoshinoya’s new color theme: Orange and Green

For Yoshinoya’s new look, they decided to go with the original color theme orange, and added it with a dash of green. Compared to their previous renovation done last 2009 which addressed the dining area, this latest renovation included the kitchen. It was as if the place was completely overhauled. We noticed that the lights were brighter in comparison to the usual dim lights in Japanese restaurants. There was a splash of bright colors in all the right areas, making customers more enticed to go in and take a look.

In celebration of Yoshinoya’s Grand Relaunching, there were cosplayers welcoming the customers into the restaurant. There was also a photobooth for the customers. Cha and I had a lot of fun taking photos at the photobooth.

Afterwards, we checked out the Japanese dishes and desserts at the counter:


Here are some of the dishes we tried during Yoshinoya’s Grand Reopening:

Kani and Shuitake Siomai

We started our dinner by munching on some yummy Kani (Crabstick) siomai and Shuitake (Mushroom) Siomai. It’s a new and interesting take on the usual siomai, which makes these two a must-try.

California Maki (Php 59)

Probably everyone’s favorite sushi, the California Maki is sold at Php 59 for 4 pieces.

Beef Bowl (Regular for Php 115, Large for Php 149)

We loved the flavorful beef strips of Yoshinoya’s beef bowl on top of that generous serving of steaming rice.

Chicken Teriyaki (Regular for Php 115, Large for Php 149)

Over the Beef Bowl, my taste buds favored the Chicken Teriyaki Bowl better because of its sweet sauce and the serving of bean sprouts over the rice. They even sprinkled in sesame seeds for added flavor and health benefits.

Yoshinoya’s Red Tea (Regular for Php 40, Large for Php 45)

We gobbled down all these yummy dishes and followed it up with a cold tall glass of their sweet Red Tea, with a slice of lemon for the added zest.

Overall, while I have not been very familiar with Yoshinoya’s offerings in the past, I can say that I am looking forward to my next visit to try out their Bento dishes and their mousse desserts. Everything looks so affordable and I’d love to try them all in a day if my stomach would allow it! I’m glad I discovered Yoshinoya! -HANA

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