When in Cebu: Pampering Time at Shui Wellness Hilot Healing Spa

shui hilot spa

Shui Wellness, AS Fortuna, Cebu City

When in Cebu, and looking for a good place for massage, you might want to try out Shui Wellness, a Hilot healing spa located along A.S. Fortuna, Mandaue, Cebu City.

shui hilot spa

Metrodeal Promotion of Shui Wellness

I bought two vouchers for “A Heavenly 90 Min. Ventosa with Whole Body Hilot and Dagdagay Foot Therapy” which is usually worth Php 1250, but was sold at Metrodeal for the price of Php 299. It was an enticing deal.

It was also not difficult to avail of the promotion. Just make sure to call for an appointment at least one day before your preferred date of visit.

Locating the place was easy. We rode a 62-B jeep, or any jeep going to Talamban, and got down at the foot of the flyover. We walked to the intersection under the flyover, where you can ride any jeep heading towards the highway. As for us, we decided to walk and explore the AS Fortuna St., instead of taking a jeep. If you feel like walking, it would take you fifteen minutes by foot to get to the place. You’ll find it at the right side of the road, and an establishment named “Witco” on your left. It’s nearly impossible to miss.

shui hilot spa

Upon entering the building, a long carpeted flight of stairs would welcome you inside. But before you proceed to the second floor where the spa is located, you have to leave your slippers, sandals, or shoes at the bottom of the stairs and replace it with a pair of clean, white slippers.

shui hilot spa

Shui Wellness Hilot Healing Spa

Our appointment was set at 2PM, and the spa opens at 2PM, so when we got there, they weren’t really ready for us yet. It took them some ten minutes to accommodate us. While waiting, I already presented my printed copies of the vouchers, and offered to show my valid ID, which they said they did not need any more. We cozily waited on the soft cushioned seats while passing time by reading a few magazines.

shui hilot spa

shui hilot spa

Shui Wellness Hilot Healing Spa Reception Area/ Counter

If you’re hungry while waiting, just outside the spa, there are some chips and bottled drinks being sold on a small counter.

shui hilot spa

Washing the feet

Before we entered the area, our feet were washed with lukewarm water in a wooden pail. Our feet were not scrubbed or washed with soap. After being dried off with a towel, we were requested to enter the massage area. (I apologize for the lack of photos from this point on, because it was just too dark to take nice photos).

I was led to a small space with a massage bed, with linen drapes all around. Those drapes can be pulled to the side should you wish to combine one massage “room” with another. The massage therapist then instructed me to remove my clothes, except my underwear, and drape myself with a towel. After a few minutes, we were ready.

First up was the Ventosa. It was done by lighting a candle. safely placed on my back, and then covered with a glass. This creates a vacuum, which, according to practitioners and believers, prevents toxin build up by allowing toxins to be sucked by this negative pressure. This was done in four areas of the back. After a few minutes, the massage therapist would manipulate and displace the glasses, inching closer and closer to the center of my back, without losing the negative pressure. It was a new and interesting experience for me.

Next is the Dagdagay, which makes use of a bamboo stick, supposedly to rub off dirt and dead skin from the massage. The way I felt it, it wasn’t used for that purpose at all. It’s as if the Dagdagay was targeting special points in the feet, but not really to rub off dead skin or scrub off dirt from the soles. I found it a little ticklish as well.

Last but  not the least was the Whole Body Massage. The massage was too intense for relaxation. There were some instances when it would hurt already, like when the massage therapist was concentrating on my shoulder blades. It was extremely painful for me. Of course I could have requested them to try and do it more softly. I wonder why I didn’t.

Anyway, it was great to have a 90-minute massage for under Php 300. The massage was a little too hard, and there wasn’t anything special. It was okay. But it’s not something I would pay the regular price for.

How about you? Have you tried Shui Wellness Hilot Healing Spa? Which massage or treatment have you tried before?-HANA

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