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sunday 2pm cafe mabolo cebu

Welcome to Sunday 2PM Cafe!

When in Cebu, where’s the cutest coffee shop to hang out? I haven’t really tried out all of Cebu’s coffee shops, but this has got to be one of the major contenders for the cutest spot in Cebu. Located in the corner of Sarrosa Hotel in Mabolo is Sunday 2PM Cafe, aptly named because on Sundays, it opens at 2PM.

sunday 2pm cafe menu

The Sunday 2PM Cafe Menu

Upon entering the small corner shop, a thousand post-its and Polaroid photos would welcome you and suck you into this cute space that gives off a very Korean ambiance.

sunday 2pm cafe

Post-its with messages and Polaroid photos galore

sunday 2pm cafe mabolo

Books and magazines for customers

We visited the place right after a heavy Japanese dinner, a little past 9pm. It was very near our place at Mabolo, and was easy to find because it was at the corner of the Sarrosa Hotel.


sunday 2pm cafe menu

Hot Cafe Mocha (Php 100)

sunday 2pm cafe mabolo

Hot Caramel Macchiato (Php 100)


Latte Art <3

I especially loved that the coffee was served with Latte Art in colorful mugs and mug coasters. Plastic spoons were also made available as our cups of coffee were served. The best part is that most of their coffee is priced at Php 100 or less. Their menu also offers cold/iced coffee and some sweets.

You literally will not run out of things to do in Sunday 2PM Cafe. I really appreciated that there were electric outlets available for the customers’ use, plus wifi. There were also a lot of magazines, books and comics you can read to pass time. Lastly, they had games available which you can play with your friends.

sunday 2pm cafe

FAVORITE GAME EVER. I think this is the only game I can actually win at.

Like most people, we want to leave an imprint, a remembrance of the time we were in a place. And like what many people who’ve visited the place did, what better way to do that than by writing on a post-it and sticking it into any empty crevice of this small space, to be reminded that we had an enjoyable time in this tiny, but cute, coffee shop.

Writing my post-it

There! <3


More post-its and polaroids as testament of its customers’ love for Sunday 2PM Cafe

The place made us feel very at-home, and we enjoyed going through many of the polaroids and the messages on the post-its. It was visual stimuli overload.

Sunday 2pm Cafe’s Counter

Despite visiting the coffee shop at around 9PM, which is late for most people, the place was packed. It was manned by one server, and was able to manage well despite the number of people enjoying coffee at that late hour. At 10:45 in the evening, fifteen minutes from closing time, there were still customers coming in.

Coffee love at Sunday 2PM Cafe

Before we left, I wanted to have our photo taken using the polaroid camera. The use of the polaroid camera was only for customers who have spent a minimum of Php 700 in purchase, or who’d be willing to pay Php 70 per shot. The SA, though, takes photos of all the customers for free using the cafe’s SLR, and posts the photos on their Facebook page. The SA was very accommodating and friendly, too.

Kamsahamnida, Sunday 2PM Cafe! We had an enjoyable time, and we’re definitely coming back. -HANA

Sarrosa Hotel, Mabolo, Cebu City, Philippines
Mon – Sat: 10:00 am – 11:00 pm
Sun: 2:00 pm – 11:00 pm
(032) 520 5174
Email sunday2pm@hotmail.com

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