One Halo-ed Experience at St. Nails Nail Spa

When in need for a new mani-pedi and some relaxing me-time, where do you go? Try out St. Nails Nail Spa, located just outside Dasmarinas Village, conveniently situated along EDSA and just across the busy street of Ayala.

St Nails Nail Spa

St. Nails Nails Spa

If you’re wondering about the name, St. Nails was named after one of its founders, St. Anthony Tiu. The nail spa has been transforming nails for over a year now. It’s impossible to miss with its brightly-lit purple and yellow-themed logo against a white background hung overhead.

st nails nail spa

Inside St. Nails Nail Spa

In contrast to their sign outside, the interiors of St. Nails is illuminated by a dimmed yellow light, and adorned with dark purple lazy boys. The feel was very welcoming to the senses. The first to hit you would be the bamboo scents whose fragrance permeated the air.

st nails nail spa

I went with Rochelle, Bernie and Cha on a stormy Saturday night. We got there at 6PM, and they were packed. Seeing that Rochelle had to get home soon, I gave way and decided to wait for my turn with Bernie.

It was great that you won’t get bored waiting for your turn. They had ample supply of fashion magazines to keep you company, plus wi-fi connection. Also, they have power outlets for when you need to charge your phone.

When my turn came, I had already chosen the service that I want done: a relaxing Paraffin Treatment for my Hands and Feet and a pedicure on top of that. My Nail technician, Sahira, quickly went to work.

st nails nail spa

St. Nails Paraffin Treatment

Prior to the Paraffin Treatment, they had washed my hands and feet, and cleaned and groomed them to perfection. I have been perpetually afraid of mani-pedis because of the nail horror stories where the nail technicians go about your mani-pedi with a murderous intent. I admit I was hesitant to have my nails cleaned and groomed, but was super happy I took the risk because it did not hurt one bit! I heard that in the US, nail technicians need a license to work, and that they could lose their license if they make even one tiny toe bleed from improper handling. Since the St. Nails nail technician were trained to abide by international standards, I was at ease and confident that I was in good hands.

st nails nail spa

Paraffin for my hands

St. Nails is also very hygienic in their practice, as they strictly do not use the same paraffin wax machine for the hands and feet.

For the curious and those looking into getting a paraffin treatment for themselves, you guys should know that getting a Paraffin wax treatment is very helpful in locking in moisture the the skin, leaving your skin soft and decades-younger. A short trivia about Paraffin wax: Its use in massage therapy has been dated as far back as the Roman Empire, and Angelina Jolie uses paraffin wax treatment for her whole body! If you want to channel Angelina Jolie and aspire for her beautiful skin, then you cannot go wrong with a paraffin wax treatment.

For the Paraffin Wax treatment, I was required to soak my hands and feet momentarily on the hot wax (like, five seconds or less). For the feet, they had to brush the liquid wax so that there will be more applied to my feet. It was quite hot at first, but after that was pure bliss. It was so relaxing, like the perfect kind of warm to soothe your tired and overworked muscles. They wrapped my hands and feet with plastic and a towel to seal in the heat and the moisture. I was kind of immobilized for the duration in which my hands were wrapped, since I can’t use my phone. It’s kind of difficult when you’re always so connected to social media. And during that moment, you just have to enjoy it, that you’re free from the noise of social media. Just close your eyes, sit back, relax, and have fun.


st nails nail spa

St. Nails Nails Spa — a relaxing holistic experience for the senses

Compared to other nails spas I’ve been to, St. Nails was the kind where you can relax, or even sleep, while the nail technicians are transforming your nails. Seated in their comfortable lazy boys with a heated herbal compress loosening up tight and aching shoulder muscles, the smell of bamboo scents and the Bossa Nova sounds in the air, a cup of warm tea, the dimly lit spa, and the gentle touch of their attendants. I did want to sleep, but I just had to see everything happening since it’s my first time. I also liked that the nail technicians were not chatting with each other, unlike in other nail spas wherein you get distracted in your moment of peace by irrelevant chatter. Even if the nail technicians were attending to your nails, they were so gentle, as if you really are asleep, and they don’t want to wake you in your peaceful slumber. St. Nails was truly a spa, not only for your nails, but also for your tired soul.

st nails nail spa

I had chosen a metallic tangerine nail polish for my pedicure, and I really liked it.

st nails nail spa

As for my hands, I had them cleaned and cut square and kind of round, but left them polish-free. Both my hands and feet got back the moisture it needed after the wax was peeled off. They were so soft, you kinda don’t want to walk with them or use them anymore. :))

st nails nail spa

The awesome staff behind St. Nails Nails Spa

If you think nail spas are for the girly girls, then you cannot be more wrong. I was actually with three men during the time I was there, and they were enjoying their services! Boys, it doesn’t make you any less of a man to take good care of your hands and feet and have a great, relaxing time while you’re at it.

St. Nails Nail Spa is the nail spa I would recommend for busy pros who just want to relax and take a break from their toxic lifestyles. I also recommend them for Bridal showers and other events, since you get the place to yourself and have a fun pampering time for as low as Php  500/head. They can also go to your choice of venue.

They have so many services, and some cater to little ones. Mommies can bring their kids and have a pampering-slash-bonding time with them. You know how kids are kikay too nowadays, so mommies can reward them with a mani-pedi for their little successes in school.

And for the pregnant ladies and son-to-be-mommies, while there are many services that you have to refrain from during the duration of your pregnancy like scrubs and wax treatments, you can still prettify your nails with St. Nails as they are coming up soon with SpaRitual, a nail polish which uses vegan ingredients and is safe for use for pregnant women.

Lastly, I find it comforting that St. Nails Nail Spa has partnered with Gawad Kalinga as a way of giving back through sustainable employment and providing shelter to the homeless. Comforting and helps make pampering time more guilt-free because for every service you avail from St. Nails, you help them help others.

st nails nail spa

Just turned 1! Celebrating with Ms. Carol Chua, co-founder and manager of St. Nails

Thanks again to Ms. Carol Chua for having us, and even preparing delicious treats!

st nails nail spa

Sandwiches, Cupcakes and Dessert Jars <3


st nails nail spa

Delicious! <3

Go and have a relaxing pamper-me time at St. Nails Nail Spa. Their treatments are light on your wallet too, with their services starting at Php 200. You can call them at (02) 586 0985 / (0917) 86 NAILS [62457] or e-mail them at for inquiries and reservations.

St. Nails Nail Spa

G/F NFB Building (Petron Gas Station/UCC Cafe), EDSA corner Arnaiz Avenue, Barangay Dasmarinas, 1221 Makati

Mon – Sun: 10:00 am – 11:00 pm

(02) 586 0985 / (0917) 86 NAILS [62457]

E-mail :

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