Review: The Divisoria Guide App

This is a review of the Divisoria Guide App is the most comprehensive iOS app of the Manila shopping capital I’ve seen thus far.

Created by John Christian Yayen, a young entrepreneur from the province of Palawan, the app is available for download at a minimal cost of $2.99 or Php 130 from the App Store. It’s an offline app, which means you do not need internet/wifi access to use it.

For the value of the app, which is Php130, I’d say it’s not only affordable, but pretty cheap for a walkthrough of the maze that is Divisoria. It will save you so much time and money if you know where to go before getting there. Imagine if you’re on the other end of Tutuban and figured from asking around that the place you’re looking for is on the farther end of Juan Luna nearer that Binondo Church. Yikes! That’s a long walk from there. You could always take a pedicab and 1) pay the driver a hefty amount since they enjoy ripping off lazy people who do not want to walk, or 2) Entrust these daredevil drivers with your life. Have you seen how they drive? It’s more than reckless! It will get you killed in this lifetime or the other.

This app would be useful to bargain hunters and entrepreneurs. Despite proclaiming myself as a “Divi girl” as I used to scour for deals in Divi weekly, I found that the Divisoria App guide had some places I did not know of before.

Map of the Divisoria Streets

Another thing about not knowing where to get the best deals is paying more than you should. You could have gotten that baqrong cheaper IF YOU ONLY KNEW where to get it. But unfortunately, you did not, so you settled for what you thought was a fair price. You could have saved more.

divisoria guide

Product Pointers

One of the things I believe Divisoria newbies would appreciate about this app is the Product Pointers. It’s a simple rundown of what is in where.

divisoria guide

Tips to Getting the Best Bargains in Divisoria

There are also tips on haggling and getting the wholesale price that you want. Just remember to be fair when haggling. Kailangan din kumita nung nagbebenta, may pamilya din yang pinapakain. Make sure that the price you’re haggling for is a fair price.

Packaging Supplies

Personally, I think that the app can be improved some more. Like maybe listing down more specific shops which has the best prices (note shop numbers, pasilyos, floors e.g. Shop 1E-26 at 168 Mall has the best and most affordable collection of imported shoes and boots ). Maybe they can add a feature wherein a users and shoppers can contribute to the information provided by the app. Maybe also, they can add price ranges that are acceptable bargain prices for specific products.

Just needs a little tweaking. Need to be more specific on the shop addresses

I wouldn’t really suggest bring your iPhone while you shop at Divisoria. You can never be too careful in keeping watch of your things, especially since we have officially entered Christmas season. You can use this before leaving for Divisoria, by planning your route ahead and writing it down on a small notepad you can keep in your pocket. But if you do decide to bring your phone with you, the divisoria Guide App would prove to be very useful since it’s an offline app, so you don’t have to look for a Wi-Fi spot anymore. The Divisoria Guide app is organized, neat, and convenient.

Go download this app now! It will save you a lot of time and money by knowing where to go for the bargains you’re looking for.-HANA


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