Hari Performs the Gwiyomi LIVE in Ayala Malls

hari gwiyomi

K-Pop Singer and Youtube Sensation Hari performs the “Gwiyomi Song” live in Ayala Malls

The singer of the hit craze Gwiyomi has arrived in Manila! Hari, who is more popularly known for her hit song “Gwiyomi” or Kwiyomi, has garnered fans and million of views on Youtube. The song Gwiyomi is a Korean slang used to refer to a cute person, and the lyrics of the song talks about a Korean girl’s proclamation of her love for her boyfriend, and how she wants him to promise that they will always stay together.

More and more fans, and even local celebrities have been uploading their own version of Gwiyomi on Youtube. These local celebrities include cosplayer Alodia Goseingfiao, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Enrique Gil and Kathryn Bernardo, among others.

hari gwiyomi ayala

Hari Performs Gwiyomi Live in Ayala Malls

To start off the series of Ayala malls tours that Hari will be doing for her fans, a press conference was held at Glorietta 5 Activity Center with friends from the media. The press conference started with a performance number from ABS-CBN’s MYX VJ and ASAP Host Sam Concepcion.

sam concepcion no limitations

Sam Concepcion performs his newest single, “No Limitations”

hari live ayala

Host Gino Quillamor, together with Hari and her translator, and Sam Concepcion

Gino Quillamor hosted the event and facilitated the interview with Hari.

hari gino ayala

Gino Quillamor of The Morning Rush interviewing Youtube sensation Hari

When asked how she feels that her fame skyrocketted not just in Korea, but all over Southeast Asia, Hari shares that she feels like she is in a dream. If given the chance, she would love to work with Korean boy group Bigbang’s G-Dragon. She was really enthusiastic all throughout the interview despite only having eaten peanuts and apple juice that morning. When asked if she’s watched any Gwiyomi videos on Youtube, she says that she has seen all of them.

hari gwiyomi ayala

Hari poses for the cameras

hari gwiyomi ayala

Catch Hari live in your favorite Ayala Malls as she performs at the Glorietta Activity Center, Palm Drive on September 6, 6:30 PM; Marquee Mall Activity Center on September 7, 6:30 PM and Ayala Center Cebu Terraces on September 8, 7 PM. Hari will also have a meet and greet session at Trinoma Cinema Lobby on September 7, 1 PM.

Watch Hari and Sam Concepcion do the Gwiyomi together:

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