My Happy Sweet Tooth with Happy Sundaes at Swensen’s

swensen sundae

Swensen’s, Eastwood

Looking for a great ice cream shop and desserts place in town? You might want to check out Swensen’s and their incredible Happy Sundae Promo for Php 99. We got to try it for ourselves last Thursday, and it was like being a kid all over again.

swensen sundae

Happy Sundae for Php 99

swensen sundae

Swensen’s, Eastwood

You see, I haven’t been to a lot of ice cream parlors before, so when I entered Swensen’s, it felt like I’ve become a kid again. I watched with fascination how the attendant made our sundaes. With every ingredient, I grew more excited to have a taste of the Happy Sundaes. Barely reaching the counter, I tiptoed to be able to take photos of my sundae in the making.

swensen sundae

Happy Nutty

Swensen’s is a popular franchise brand which originated from San Francisco, California. It was thanks to Earle Swensen, who opened his first ice cream parlor in 1948 at the corner of Union and Hyde, that we have Swensen’s today. Currently, there are now over 300 Swensen’s Ice Cream shops all over the world, including the Middle East, and the ice cream giant has created over 180 flavors for everyone. Swensen’s has remained in the hearts of many Americans as their favorite old-fashioned ice cream parlor.

swensen sundae

The Happy Sundae Varieties

The Happy Sundae comes in six flavors: Happy Nutty, Happy Brownie, Happy Green Tea, Happy Rice Cream, Happy Strawberry, and Happy Blueberry. I got to taste some of them, and here’s what I think:

swensen sundae

Enjoying my Happy Green Tea Sundae

swensen sundae

Happy Green Tea Sundae


I got Happy Green Tea for myself. First, I was actually hesitant to try out this flavor because I’m not really fond of green tea-flavored desserts. It had red beans as well, another ingredient that I’m not a big fan of. But when I finally tasted it, it was then that I realized that the combination was perfect. Under the layer of whipped cream+ ice cream + red beans combination were chunky slices of banana. I love bananas, and I think it goes perfectly well with ice cream, whatever the flavor. The Happy Green Tea Sundae changed my mind about green tea-flavored desserts. This was sulit for the price, and I can definitely see myself bringing my parents and cousins or some friends to hang out and enjoy sundaes at Swensen’s.

swensen sundae

The Happy Brownie Sundae

The Happy Brownie Sundae is something kids and people who love sweets and chocolate overload would enjoy. Instead of the usual cherry topping the piece, it had a chocolate-coated cherry.

swensen sundae

The Happy Nutty Sundae

The Happy Nutty Sundae was another favorite, despite my dislike for nuts and nut-flavored food and snack items. This had caramel syrup, so I’m partial to desserts with caramel.

swensen sundae

Earthquake in the making

Afterwards, we decided to try out The Earthquake: probably the most amazing and incredible mix of eight ice cream flavors, chocolate-coated cherry, brownie bits, nuts, and chocolate syrup. Hyperglycemia attack at its finest, for only Php 655.

swensen sundae

A Closer Look at Earthquake

About seven people attacked this ice cream dish, yet at the end of the night, we were unable to consume it. We were so excited about this dish but couldn’t spare any more tummy space to be able to down the whole thing. Swensen’s even had this contest a few weeks back wherein the person who can finish the Earthquake fastest wins. Guess how fast the winner downed this monster ice cream dish? 6 minutes.

There were a lot of people at Swensen’s that Thursday night we were there. It was understandable because their sundaes were so enticing and affordable. It was mostly group of kids and teens who visited the place. I definitely recommend Swensen’s to groups of friends who are looking for a new place to hang out and chill with a cup of ice cream in hand. They have wi-fi connection and power outlets too, for those looking to stay and enjoy your ice cream a little while longer.

It’s a great place to have desserts. I loved their interiors which made me feel like I’m in the late 40s to early 50s, where ice cream parlors are the joints to hang out in. I was channeling The Archie’s the whole time I was there, since the Archie’s gang loved meeting and hanging out at Pop’s, a local ice cream parlor, in the comic.

Swensen’s have two branches you can visit: one at Eastwood, and the other at SM Mall of Asia. Go get your sweet tooth fix with Swensen’s Ice Cream promos now!-HANA


Swensen’s Philippines

SM Mall of Asia / Eastwood

Mon – Sun: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Contact no. : MOA +632 804-0046 / EASTWOOD +632 754-2911

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