One Year of Fun in Google Instaupload’s Photobooths and GIFs

Cosplaying with Friends

So I learned this neat trick last year when I got my iPhone and have been droning on since then about losing my photos. “What if I lose my photos from events? MY precious selfies? Oh god oh god.” So my boyfriend at that time told me about Google Plus’s instaupload, and even if my phone gets stolen or suddenly decides to become a b and turn on me by deleting my photos, or if I had to reset my phone for some reason, as long as the Instaupload option, I don’t have to lose another photo ever again.


What I didn’t know at that time was that Google Plus’s Instaupload also mixes similar photos to create photobooth style pictures and animated GIFs. The best part is you don’t have to manually put it together. When Google Instaupload detects that these photos are part of a set of photobursts, it will do the job. Amazing, right? Here are some of those pictures Google Plus’s Instaupload stitched for me to make the set of photos more interesting:

PS: Get ready for selfies.

First photo stitched together by Google. Hyundai Event with Bloggers

Pre-Malate Partying with Friends


gif instaupload

Cosplay Group shot where I got cut out T_T

kuroko no basket cosplay

Pretty Boys <3


Cousins. My cousin Chan-chan’s Debut

instaupload gif

More Cousin Love <3


Selfie-selfie din pag may time

Eh madami akong time.


instaupload gif


NESTLE-Cosmo Flaunt It Event


Smize Practice.

That’s a wrap for the GIFs

For a sec there, you must have thought you’re on tumblr, eh? Here’s a sample of the photobooth mix:

instaupload photobooth

Recent shoot at Studio Makati

That’s it, you guys! Hope you have fun checking out the gifs stitched together by Google Plus’s Instaupload! -HANA

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