How To Give When You Don’t Have Money

A lot of us have probably pondered upon this question: How do you give when you don’t have money? Churches, people in authority, charities have all been telling us to go donate and help the less fortunate by sharing our blessings. But what if we ourselves are not blessed financially?

give without spending

Attending Volunteer Activities is one way of giving without spending

Two weeks ago, I participated in a medical mission organized by my alma mater. And how much did it cost me? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Well, of course, it cost me tricycle fare to get to my school and then back home, but the cost is very minimal. The only things that participating in volunteer activities such as this heavily requires are your time and your willingness to make a difference.

Do you have to be a health professional to participate in a medical mission? No. There are so many other tasks that you can do in a medical mission like help with registration, assist the physicians and dentists, dispense medication, do some health teaching, etc.

Weighing kids during the medical mission

While it did not cost me anything to help out in this medical mission, I am just as sure that the other participants did not shell out any money. The medicines were all donated by pharmaceutical companies, most of them expiring in 2014, so they are just as eager to find people who will have use for them.

Boxes of medicine donated by pharmaceutical companies

How do you find volunteers? Well, the NSTP students from my alma mater played a big part in the success of this medical mission. They helped organize the attendees, take the temperature of the children, weigh the patients, etc. You can easily tap into schools and organizations to help you find volunteers for your event simply by presenting what they can gain by participating in the event. There are also a handful of health professionals who would be more than willing to help out in medical missions, as a way of public service.

Me with Sir Millendez, my former teacher in High School

Did we help? Over a hundred people came to consult their symptoms with our doctors and have their teeth with dental caries extracted. A handful of these children who came from disadvantaged areas received free vitamins and professional medical advice with regards to their health, things that would cost them hundreds of pesos if not for the medical mission. Did we help? I’d like to believe we did.

There are many other volunteer activities out there. You can even do it solo. Check out the more popular ones such as Gawad Kalinga and Habitat for Humanity. Maybe you can drop by sometime at your local Home for the Aged and spend time talking with our elderly. Sometimes, they’re just looking for people to listen to their stories. Some local correctional facilities sometimes also need help reaching ut to the affected family members of inmates. There are just so many things you can do for other people even without spending so much. All it takes is the heart to do it. -HANA

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