Get Amazing Discounts and Opportunities with SmartConcept

Are you ready to save and earn from someone else’s savings?

By now, you’re probably curious, since not a lot of opportunities allow consumers to save, and at the same time, earn. Enter SmartConcept Inc., an interactive direct advertising and marketing company. Established since 2008, they already have four branches operating in the country: Quezon City, Mandaluyong, Cebu and Davao.

The advantage for SmartConcept’s merchants is that they get to reach consumers directly and gain more loyal customers. SmartConcept’s affiliates, on the other hand, get the chance to become financially independent, as well as successful in the direct marketing business. And for the consumers, you get access to incredible and over-the-top discounts that are hard to come by in group buying sites and seasonal sales. SmartConcept makes it possible for consumers to enjoy services of our most trusted and popular establishments such as Red Mango, Little Asia, David’s Salon, Biocare, Papa John’s and more. Here is a partial list of SmartConcept’s merchants:


SmartConcept’s Partial List of Merchants

The coupon books cost P399 each, and will get you bigger discounts from your favorite restaurants, spas, and other establishments.

For Php400, you get so much discount from SmartConcept merchants and your favorite establishments!

They threw out a lot of discounts in this coupons. Free Foot Spa, Reflexology, Full Body Massage from Teceruma Spa & Salon. Go and grab one of these coupon books now!

Also, watch out for my next giveaway. I’ll be giving away three coupon books from SmartConcept for use in Teceruma Salon & Spa, Little Asia and Bulalo Republic. Each coupon book is worth Php399. Enjoy the discounts from SmartConcept!-HANA

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