When in Cebu: Authentic Modern Japanese at Ramen Kamekichi

Ramen Kamekichi cebu

Ramen Kamekichi Feature on Cebu Pot Magazine

We couldn’t help but notice these magazine features on Ramen Kamekichi, a modern authentic Japanese restaurant at Mabolo, Cebu City. It does help that it is one jeepney ride away from the place I’m staying at, so it was something we couldn’t miss.

ramen kamekichi mabolo cebu

Another Cebu Pot magazine feature of Ramen Kamekichi, Mabolo, Cebu City

It is quite a popular place among Japanese tourists and local Fil-Chi residents of the area. It’s also a breeze to find with its new location at GND Bldg, F. Cabahug St. near the Sykes Building.

Ramen Kamekichi’s new location as of August 2013


Ramen kamekichi

Ramen Kamekichi, GND Bldg, F. Cabahug St., Mabolo, Cebu City

We entered the place and found that it was a great place to have dinner at, and gives off the feel of having dinner right at the comfort of your own dining table. They had a bar-like counter where patrons and other customers can choose to eat their dinner. This is familiar from all the anime series I’ve watched.

Ramen kamekichi cebu

Bar-like counter

Every table was equipped with a set of condiments for the use of customers.

Full set of condiments

We were welcomed with hospitality by the owners of Ramen Kamekichi, Ms. Mayet Estores and Mr. Takehiko Kamiyama. It was amazing to know that they have been in the ramen business since year 2000, when they started out as a snack bar. The ramen recipe were mostly conceptualized by Mr. Takehiko Kamiyama, who has had extensive experience in cooking ramen in Japan. Initially, their menu only consisted of ramen dishes, until they eventually added, due to popular demand of the customers, a few requested appetizer dishes.

Japanese Manga on display

Cold drinks go well with hot ramen

Like most restaurants, Ms. Mayet shares that Ramen Kamekichi also has their own special secret ingredients which they include in their recipes. These secret ingredients have been discovered through months of experimenting until they perfect a certain dish. They also make sure that the taste is truly authentic Japanese by having their Japanese friends taste the dishes before they offer it to the public.

Their trademark, Ms. Mayet says, is that they refuse to use instant ingredients. They also want to preserve the “Lutong Bahay” feel of their dishes, wherein every dish is prepared with care, as if for family or friends.

Ramen Kamekichi’s Best-seller Gyoza (Php 160)

One of their best-seller appetizers, Ramen Kamekichi’s Gyoza is priced at Php 160. It is deep fried in Sesame Oil, and served without much oil, so you don’t feel guilty indulging in this light and tasty appetizer. They also offer a different Gyoza in their menu, which is the Yasai Gyoza, known to be the first and currently the only vegetable Gyoza in Cebu, without the garlic. It is also priced at Php  160. Another Gyoza you’d probably love to try is their Cheese Gyoza Roll, priced at Php 100. It’s probably akin to Cheese Sticks. I’m definitely going to try it out next time.

Buta Ika Shougayaki (Php 160)

The Buta Ika Shougayaki is another appetizer that you should have before having their tasty bowls of ramen. Priced at Php 160, this appetizer is good for 3-4 people already. The dish includes Buta (Pork), Ika (Squid), White onion and ginger (Shouga), stir fried or yaki until the white onions are sweet, and the pork and squid are of perfect tenderness.

Tonkotsu Chashumen (Php 300)

Ramen Kamekichi’s Tonkotsu Chashumen gives you more bang for your buck. We loved the tasty soup base, which was made for 12-15 hours using pork stock. Unlike other ramen bowls I’ve tried which tasted malansa and had a feel on your mouth after, this tasted fresh and had generous servings of pork and noodles. Take note that Tonkotsu (which is pork stock) is different from Tonkatsu (which means fried breaded pork).

A closer look at the Tonkotsu Chashumen Ramen

Chahan Rice, or Japanese Fried Rice (Php 230)

The Chahan Rice, or the Japanese Fried Rice, was a dish on its own. The serving size could be stretched to serve three people, but if you’re hungry and you love rice, you can consume this all on your own. Priced at Php 230 for one whole serving, and Php 150 for a half-serving, it was a little expensive for a rice dish. It did go very well with the Chahan soup.

Chahan Rice and a bowl of Chahan soup

The Chahan Rice is a rice dish fried in Canola corn oil with pieces of fried egg, pork, and spring onion. The Chahan soup, with its salty flavor, complemented the Chahan rice well.

Yakitori (Chicken Barbecue) three pieces for Php 100

Yakitori (Chicken barbecue), a charcoal-grilled Japanese barbecue was priced at Php 100 for three pieces. If you prefer pork, they have Yakibuta (Pork barbecue), which is priced the same. You can even make any combination of chicken or pork barbecue, to make three pieces, for Php 100. Choose between Tare (barbecue sauce) or Shio (salt) to flavor your barbecue.

Other must-try dishes are the popular Jigoku Chashumen Ramen, which is favored by the Fil-Chi locals because of its varying level of spiciness, from Level 1 (mildly spicy) to Level 3 (extremely spicy). There is also the Koikuchi Ramen, which according to Mr. Kamiyama, is the dish to try if you could only choose one. The Koikuchi Ramen has a strong soy sauce flavor, and is well-loved by their Japanese customers. If you have kids, they would love the Chahan and the Yakitori because of its sweet, flavorful sauce.


If that got you wanting to try their authentic Japanese dishes, go call Ramen Kamekichi for reservations at their mobile number 09152373915 and at their landline (032) 3470308. Their operating hours are from Monday to Saturday 6PM-2AM and 6PM-12AM on Sundays. They’re booked on Fridays and weekends, so make sure to call to get a reservation!

Have fun with their Modern Authentic Japanese cuisine at Ramen Kamekichi!-HANA

Ramen Kamekichi

GND Bldg, F. Cabahug St., Mabolo, Cebu City

09152373915 / (032) 3470308

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