BTS: Elements Shoot at Studio Makati

shoot studio makati

Elements-themed Shoot at Studio Makati with friends!

This was the reason why I had to run off to somewhere, which was why I didn’t get to catch the afternoon leg of Premiere Thought Leaders. I lugged my makeup stuff again back to Studio Makati and readied myself for a long day ahead.


Busy busy: Four models. One photographer. One makeup artist. One studio assistant. Two onlookers.

It was a terribly busy day for me. During the four hours that we were there, my butt has not warmed any seat at all (Read: did not get a chance to sit. AT ALL.) And I thought I left this lifestyle when I resigned from PGH lol. With four models and one amateur makeup artist behind the whole avant-garde theme, I knew there would be a lot of work to be done.

makeup studio

Doing the makeup of the model for Fire

For the Fire model’s look, it really helped that she had bright red hair. And when asked where she had her hair colored, she answered she did it herself with a Php20 dye she bought from a sidewalk vendor. Woah! Unexpectedly striking color from a cheap hair dye. However, I wouldn’t recommend using hair dyes of brands you don’t trust.

For her look, it was convenient that she had already prepped, so the only work that was left for me to do was accentuate the eyes based on my photographer/ art director’s peg and the lips.



Meanwhile, while I was busy doing Fire’s makeup, my assistant/ model/ best friend Justine was helping me out by prepping Wind. She helped me a lot. I couldn’t have done four models on a tight schedule if it was just me.


BTS: Fire

You see. The shoot was all headshots. No fancy costumes, no poses from the neck down, so the result would rely heavily on the makeup skills and the styling skills. The red feather as eyelash extension was a really nice touch. :)

elements makeup shoot

Kana, the photographer/art director and Wind

The wigs also helped a lot in the personification of the elements. Here, for Wind, we used gold, silver, and pink eyeshadows for the eyes, and subtle red for the lips.


We already did a Rain shoot to personify Water as an element, but since the concept for the other three elements changed (we decided to shoot these three in a studio instead of outdoor) we had to redo the Water shoot. Here’s Saowie again as Water.

element makeup shoot

My four beautiful models: Water, Fire, Wind, Earth

I didn’t get to have my picture taken with my models boo-hoo. I was just so tired after doing all of their makeup that I completely forgot to have my picture taken. I don’t also have a BTS photo with my Earth model. You should have seen how crazy we initially went with her makeup. We had flower petals glued to her eyelids that made them seem like her eyelashes, but eventually removed them because she could hardly open her eyes with the petals making it difficult for her.

elements photoshoot makeup

Teaser photo. Hurrah!

Like I said, we really went for it with the makeup and styling. I hope you liked the teaser pic! Official photos to come out soon. Comments and feedback are highly appreciated. -HANA

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