Alberto’s Pizza’s Newest Pizza Flavor: The Chogburizo Pizza

I love Alberto’s Pizza! I love the variety it offers, and the uniqueness of the flavors and ingredients I’ve not seen topping a pizza. Which is why, when we walked by Alberto’s Pizza A.S. Fortuna Branch on our way to a massage appointment, we just had to try their newest and promisingly delicious flavor: The Chogburizo Pizza.

Chogburizo Pizza: Chorizo De Cebu, Ham, Sausage, Onions and lots of Cheese

I haven’t mentioned that I am quite partial to chorizo because I like the taste of chorizo and the hint of spice it gives. We ordered an 11″ Quickmelt Chogburizo Pizza, and two bottles of softdrinks to go along with it.

alberto's pizza cebu

Selfie-time while waiting for our order

We had to wait about fifteen minutes for our order to be served. It was served hot, fresh, and really enticing us to grab big bites off the 11″ pizza. But wait, we just had to take some photos before eating.

alberto's pizza cebu

Alberto’s Pizza’s Chogburizo Pizza

chorizo pizza alberto's cebu

Close-up of the Chogburizo pizza toppings

The pizza was really flavorful, thanks to the generous serving of toppings, which included the Chorizo de Cebu, ham and onions. It was also very cheesy, which I liked a lot. It went well with ketchup, surpriosingly, because I usually have chorizo with vinegar. (It would be weird though to have a Chorizo Pizza with vinegar. Just sayin’.)

alberto's pizza cebu

Alberto’s Pizza, A.S. Fortuna Branch

There are so many more flavors to try, and I definitely won’t be able to try them all in one visit. This will keep me coming back for many more times until I’ve tried most of the flavors of Alberto’s Pizza.-HANA

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