Flavorful Milk Teas and More at Agantea, Acacia Estates Taguig

agantea taguig

Agantea, Acacia Estates Taguig


One humid afternoon, a group of bloggers (myself included) decided to visit Agantea over at Acacia Estates, Taguig, to have an enjoyable time over tea and coffee.

Currently their fifth operating branch, Agantea has been providing tea and coffee lovers alike with flavorful teas and coffee. The name Agantea is derived from Agan, which in Taiwanese means “sweet and refreshing aftertaste”. Coincidentally, it is also the name of the owner’s grandfather. Their other branches include their Agantea Greenbekt Branch, which opened last March 2012, Ayala Triangle, Eastwood and Robinsons Place Ermita.

They take pride in making delicious teas only with imported Alpine tea, a tea which comes from 1200 meters high up Ali Mountain, which is known as the highest mountain in Taiwan.

agantea taguig

Agantea, Acacia Estates Taguig City

It was a little difficult to find, because it was inside the Acacia Estates, a huge compound with tight security. You just can’t wander aimlessly inside Acacia Estates without a purpose. The guards would not let you in if you don’t know exactly where you’re going. Our destination? Nine humps and a right from the main entrance’s guard house.

agantea taguig

Menu displayed on the counter

When I finally got to my destination, I found that Agantea was one of the establishments outside the Savemore building. The parking lot was very spacious, so lots of parking space for shoppers and people who just want to tambay in the nearby establishments. There’s still some undeveloped, grassy areas around the Savemore building, so if you just feel like frolicking in a vast space of grassy land, then that might be a good place for you. I can imagine the place being a good photoshoot/picturial location if Acacia Estates would permit.

agantea taguig

Located on the counter: Tissues and Straws + Mini trashbin to dispose of your straw wrapper neatly


agantea taguig

Order buzzers: Lights up when you’re order’s ready for pickup at the counter

agantea taguig

Burst of Color

We ordered the five Agantea bestsellers: Bubble Milk Tea, Pear Fruit Tea, Hawaiian Fruit Tea, QQ Milk Tea, and Taro Milk Tea.

agantea taguig

agantea taguig

Bubble Milk Tea (Large for Php95)

Agantea’s Bubble Milk tea is on the top of my list. I loved its creamy consistency, and the pearls are chewy and sweet! It’s unlike many pearls in other tea shops wherein they only have a neutral taste. Their pearls are actually imported from Taiwan.

agantea taguig

Pear Fruit Tea (Large for Php 110)

Agantea’s Pear Fruit Tea would have to be my second favorite. It has soft agar bits, which are chewy, soft and sweet. The Pear Fruit Tea is of just the right sweetness.

agantea taguig

Hawaiian Fruit Tea (Large for Php 110)

Aptly named as Hawaiian Fruit Tea, this cup of tea is infused with all sorts of tropical fruits, resulting in a combination of sweet and sour. While I’m not a big fan of the Hawaiian Fruit Tea, it comes third on my list. There are just too many things happening in this cup (such as that floating Calamansi in the middle), so sometimes, I get confused whether I love or hate the flavors I’m tasting.

agantea taguig

Taro Milk Tea (Large for Php 110)

While I normally go for Taro when ordering in a milk tea place, the Agantea’s Taro Milk Tea just didn’t have what I was looking for in a Taro Milk Tea. It was just too heavy on the taste buds and the tummy. I did love chewing on the Taro Bits, though. That was a nice touch, much like Chatime’s version of the Taro Milk Tea.

Not pictured here, but the last of the five bestsellers, the QQ Milk Tea, is my least favorite among the bunch. It’s sour for me, probably because of the pineapple nata. My bloggers friends who were with me loved it, so you shouldn’t take my word for it. Taste it for yourself.

agantea taguig

Customize away!

You can customize the sweetness, the amount of ice, as well as the add-ons. The add-ons include White Pearl, Black Pearl, Coconut-Jelly, Herbal Grass Jelly, Ai-yu or Lemon-flavored Jelly, Agar bits, and Taro Bits. I really loved their pearls, so on my next order, I’ll probably request more pearls in my drink.

agantea taguig

Caramel Latte (Php 100)

Their coffee cups only come in one size (Medium). We decided to try their Caramel Latte, just so that we know how coffee tastes like in a milk tea place. It did taste okay, a little bland, which you can just fix with a packet of sugar. Also, the coffee wasn’t as foamy as coffee in other shops.

agantea taguig

Agantea’s Caramel Latte

Their coffee is made from Arabica Medium Roast Coffee Beans.

One of the things I wish Agantea had was snacks. If you look at their menu, they only serve tea and coffee. When asked why, the staff says that they do not have any more space to accommodate their sister company Qoola, which serves yoghurt. However, if you ever decide to visit their Robinsons Place Manila branch, they have a Qoola in that branch, and the Eastwood branch has Breadtalk serving snacks to munch on.

Agantea’s store hours are from 12PM-9PM all days of the week. There aren’t as many people visiting the place because of its location, so it makes a good place to relax, hang-out, or study. During the time we were there, they still did not have Wi-Fi access, but the staff said that they’re already working on having wi-fi for the customers (yay!).

agantea taguig

The accommodating staff of Agantea, Acacia Estates, Taguig

These ladies pictured above were very helpful with our requests and inquiries about the store and the products, which helped me a lot in writing this review.

agantea taguig

Bloggers’ Afternoon Tea-time at Agantea, Acacia Estates Taguig

Christine, Kimmi, Aldous and I had a great afternoon at Agantea over at their Acacia Estates Branch. We hope to drop by again soon! -HANA

Thanks to Aldous Calubad of Aldous Ate The World for the event invite.

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