Premiere Thought Leaders: The Next Bestselling Authors

premiere thought leaders

Premiere Thought Leaders: The Next Best-Selling Authors

What does it mean to be a thought leader? Well, if we will be following the wisdom from Wikipedia, a thought leader is “an individual or firm that is recognized as an authority in a field whose expertise is sought and often rewarded. “ Basically, it means to be an expert in one field, right? I think that in our world today, there are a handful of experts in any given field, but to be a thought leader, I believe that the prerequisite is the power, the voice to inspire others. You can be an expert in a field, but because of your lack of ability to motivate those around you, it is an expertise useful only to few.

Last August 24, 2013, I attended a talk entitled “Premiere Thought Leaders: The Next Bestselling Authors” at V-Mall, Greenhills. It was attended by a lot of people, even participants from Visayas and Mindanao! There were six speakers, all experts in their respective fields. It was rather unfortunate that I did not get to attend the afternoon talks, and was only able to listen to the two speakers during the morning session: Pastor Dennis Sy, and Financial guru Marvin Germo.

rich for life dennis sy

Dennis Sy, author of Rich For Life (Photo by Paul Mendoza)

I was so moved by the talk that Dennis Sy gave. For the longest time, I have been a miser. I’d invest most of my money, and spend very little for myself. That’s not really a problem. The problem is that there would also be times that I would forego opportunities to help other people, build and strengthen relationships and friendships, all because I would like to avoid spending. There were days that I would spend miserable because I was unable to save an extra Php 200. How cruel was I to myself, to choose to spend hours and hours in misery over spending an extra hundred bucks?

dennis sy rich for life

The Secret: God doesn’t want you to get rich. God wants you to BE RICH. (Photo by Paul Mendoza)

“Generous people are happy people.” This line made me realize that all my money, my time and my effort mostly benefits only me! The idea of extreme, radical generosity excited me so much that I told my friends about starting our own Generosity Fund. I was getting happier just thinking about it. It was so enlightening, and now, since I started my own Generosity Fund, I can confidently say that every bit of my money is being spent well. :)

marvin germo stock smarts

Marvin Germo, author of Stock Smarts (Photo by Paul Mendoza)

The next talk was a discussion on the myths about the Stock Market, as discussed by Marvin Germo. Being a stock market investor since a year ago, there was personally not a lot of new learning for me. But I’m pretty sure that all the cynics and the nonbelievers in investing in the stock market learned a lot from the talk, because it was well-outlined and targeted every myth and every reason there is to not enter the stock market.

I had to leave before the afternoon session started, so I wasn’t able to listen to the four other speakers talk. Fortunately, I’ve already heard Paolo Tibig’s talk during the Be The Big Boss Summit. I left my dad together with my friend Mike, both of whom enjoyed two complimentary tickets from Whiteboard Learning (Thank you, Whiteboard!). My dad did tell me that he enjoyed the afternoon session and it was a shame that I had to leave. Mike texted me that he picked up numerous insights all throughout the seminar, and was happy for the free ticket.

Again, special thanks to Jenny and Luis Magalong of Whiteboard Learning for having us bloggers and accommodating us at a small space at the back, our very own Bloggers’ Space. Shoutout to Kei San Pablo, Alvin Gale Tan, and Daryll Villanueva as well, who kept me company during the seminar. Lastly, thanks to Dave Uy of Whiteboard Learning for the assistance, as well as for always inviting me to attend Victory! :D

Looking forward to the next Whiteboard Learning seminar! -HANA

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