Studio Makati Black and White Shoot BTS + Group Pics + Selfies

It’s been a while since I’ve been the subject of a shoot, so please bear with me when I release the official photos. I’m used to just being the makeup artist, or the ketket photographer on the shoot.

studio makati

BTS: Me, The Photographer, And Two Other Co-Models

The shoot was a real fun experience for me, and it was made equally enjoyable by the staff of Studio Makati. She is none other than Ate Nimfa. We were just talking and laughing and poking fun at each other the whole time. Who knew I’d find my level of crazy in a photography studio?

photo studio makati rates

BTS: The group with the super kalog Ate Nimfa

Studio Makati is located at G/F of Cityland Makati, the building near the PNR train tracks, behind Waltermart. The rate is very affordable at Php 300/hr. Another thing I loved about the studio was FREE WIFI! This will keep you occupied, if Ate Nimfa can’t.

studio rental makati rates photography

Ate Nimfa makes such great company for long shoots

They don’t have their own comfort room, but the common toilet is just outside the studio. A dressing room and a dresser is available for changing and putting on makeup.

studio makati photography rate

BTS: My photographer girlfriend shooting her model

Have I mentioned I was shooting with a couple of friends? The photographer is my “girlfriend” Elysse, and the two other shoot subjects were Miaow and Marko, friends from cosplay.

studio makati rental photography rates

Me with my girlfriend Elysse, the photographer


studio makati rental rates

Do I look tall? Let’s pretend for a second I do. ;)

selfie dollhana

Selfie-ing while waiting for my turn. Black and White filter on!


Last selfie for the day. Taray-tarayan ang peg.

That’s it! I have a few more BTS posts coming, but I’m not the subject anymore. As much as I enjoy having photos of me taken, I’m not really good at projecting in front of the camera, which is why I prefer to be on the sidelines, doing the makeup of the subject and doing some styling and art directing from time to time. -HANA

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