Out in The Storm

Right after our Rainy Day shoot, all drenched because of our ineffective umbrellas and the strong rain. Seriously, bringing the umbrellas did not make much difference from walking in the rain without our umbrellas. We found refuge at Saowie’s house.

After reviewing the photos, having dinner while watching It Takes a Man and a Woman (bad choice of movie for a cold day), and more chatting, we decided at around 8PM that it was time to head home. I was hesitant to go home, and was almost pleading Kana to not attempt to go home anymore, because I felt that the traffic in EDSA would be really bad. I cannot imagine commuting with all my makeup stuffs again. But when Kana made a firm decision to go, I was left with no choice.

When we were already on our way out of Saowie’s house, the rain suddenly poured down on the city. I mean, really? We waited for two hours for the rain to let up, and then when we’re about to go, it just gets stronger. So yeah, we still went walking our way out of the village. Drenched, cold, really cold. Me being the cold-intolerant person that I am, really kept saying, “I think imma die soon”. I’d consider myself scantily clothed for the weather, as I was wearing a short dress that falls inches above my knees, and a pair of slipper that isn’t protecting my feet, already numb from the cold. And I had to keep motivating myself to survive the cold by thinking of something hot, like hot coffee.

We got out of the village after fifteen minutes of walking. I asked Kana to come with me to the convenience mart to get a warm cup of hot chocolate. We thought it would really help during the equally cold bus ride to Baclaran. And so we got ourselves a cup of hot choco each.

Two cups of Hot Choco for the cold

Kana, stirring her hot chocolate

After getting our cups of hot chocolate, we got on a bus shortly after. I couldn’t help but take selfies to remind me of the first day of Maring: spent shooting outside for a school project, and the long ride home.

We found refuge in our cups of hot chocolate

The next couple of days were spent cooped up inside our home, safe from the flood waters that threatened of Leptospirosis and other diseases. The whole famly was safe, there were no power shortages or brownouts experienced, and we had enough food to eat. All was well.

I know that I have not much right to complain about this experience, knowing that thousands of families had it worse when flood water decided to invade their homes. Which is why I am writing about this experience: to serve as a reminder that, even in the midst of adversity, I have so many things to be grateful for.

How about you? What’s your Bagyong Maring story?-HANA

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