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Kebabers, 4/F SM Manila

I adore Persian food. The love for Persian food started with Shawarma, and the innovation that is Shawarma Rice. Then I was introduced to Keemas and Kebabs, and my life has changed forever.

And just when I thought that, with all the Persian food places popping up like mushrooms in the metro, there’s nothing new left to taste, I was proved wrong. I was actually rather unprepared to discover the surprises and new kebab recipes not in an upscale Persian restaurant, but in a fastfood. Shawarma and Kebab lovers, get ready for Kebabers.

kebabers kebab

Kebabers, 4/F SM Manila besides Expressions

Despite the SM Manila branch being its seventh branch in the metro, this was my first time to hear about and try Kebabers for myself. Conveniently located at the fourth floor of SM Manila, just when you step off the escalator, it was very easy to find. Not to mention, the place was near the cinemas, the entrance/exit to the parking lot, as well as the comfort rooms. It is quite impossible to miss, especially with the number of people eating in the place. You’re bound to ask yourself, “Why are there lots of people eating at Kebabers?” and would definitely succumb to the temptation of trying it out for yourself.

Kebabers, 4/F SM Manila

From outside, what would immediately draw you to the place is the colorful displays and playful interiors. The place was bright, and had blown up comic strips adorning the walls. The child in you would definitely be drawn to read them.

The place was tidy and orderly and was maintained that way. Even though there were lots of customers going in and out of the place, tables were cleaned immediately for the next customers.

Another thing I liked: They have bag hooks under the table. Hurrah! Really helpful for those who have bulky bags.

Upon ordering, you will be given an order buzzer, which will allow you to wait comfortably on your seats instead of waiting in line. Once your order is ready, the buzzer lights up, which signals that you can now pick up your order from the Claim counter.

kebab sm manila

Kebabers Buzzer


beef pichos kebabers

Beef Pichos for 95 Pesos

For appetizers, Kebabers offers Beef Pichos. The Beef Pichos has got to be my favorite dish from their menu. It’s a generous serving of Fried Pita Bread topped with Ground Beef, Tomatoes, Cucumber, and a hefty amount of cheese, plus garlic and chili garlic sauce.

Selfie time! Eating Beef Pichos with Ross Del Rosario from Wazzup Pilipinas

Kebabers menu keema

Keema Meal for 90 Pesos

The Keema Meal, which was affordably priced at 90 Pesos, was a delicious serving of ground beef with tomatoes and onions on top of rice. This dish, as with most dishes from the menu, requires the help of the garlic and/or chili garlic sauce to bring out the flavors.

kebabers sm manila

Keema Meal + 3 Pcs Kebab Meal (Beef, Chicken,Fish)

The 3-Piece Kebab Meal (with your choice of Beef, Chicken, or Fish) was another delectable and juicy dish. I would have loved to try the Cheese Kebab Meal, because I’ve never seen any other kebab restaurants offer a cheese-stuffed kebab, so I’m looking forward to try that the next time I’m here.

kebabers sm manila

Beef Shawarma for 99 Pesos

This Beef Shawarma has potato sticks? This was an interesting twist to the usual shawarma that we know. However, I thought it was a little to pricey for its serving size. Other variations of the Kebabers Shawarma include Keema Shawarma, Steak Shawarma, and Chicken Kebab Shawarma, all priced under 100 Pesos.

kebabers shawarma rice bowl

*Monster Beef Shawarma Rice Bowl for 99 Pesos (Regular) or 125 Pesos (Double Up!)

This big bowl of Monster Beef Shawarma has packed in Beef Strips, Tomatoes, and Onions topping of another generous serving of rice. Again, this dish is best with the help of the garlic and chili garlic sauces.

kebabers sm manila

Dessert: Chocolate Fudge for 55 Pesos

We had Chocolate Fudge, priced at 55 Pesos, for dessert. The 50% pure Belgian Chocolate fudge was a thick layer on top of the chocolate cake. Around 3 inches in diameter, this mini-cake serving is a piece of heaven with every bite.

Caught in the act: Trigger happy bloggers snapping away and having a really enjoyable time.

Bloggers with Brothers Gian Franco and Gian Carlo, owners of Kebabers, SM Manila

I loved that we got the chance to talk with Kebabers SM Manila owners, brothers Gian Franco and Gian Carlo Sim. It really surprised me when they introduced themselves as the owners, being both hardly anywhere near their thirties. What I really liked about them was that 1) They were very keen in supporting local brands, and 2) They were already very entrepreneurial at such a young age. I can imagine them being role models for students, graduates, and young employees to do away with the “8-5 Mentality” and dare to become big by managing their own business.

Overall, Kebabers was an amazing discovery for me. They have new dishes to offer, such as the Cheese Kebab, and Beef Pichos. I’m looking forward to try the Chili Fingers on my next visit. Their dishes are affordable, tasty, and they have lots of choices to choose from, too! Enjoy your kebab at Kebabers! -HANA

See you at Kebabers!

Kebabers, SM Manila

4th Level SM Manila, Beside Expressions

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PS: I had a wonderful afternoon with my co-bloggers and the owners of Kebabers, SM Manila. Thank you to the staff and to brothers Gian Franco and Gian Carlo for being very accommodating. Many thanks to *Ted Claudio of Wazzup Philippines and Ross Del Rosario of Wazzup Pilipinas for some of the photos used in this post.

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