Function VS. Fashion: Why I’ll (Probably) Never Be a Good Fashion Blogger

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That gorgeous pair of heels you’ll buy and never wear anyway

Case in point — See photo of a really sexy pair of stilettos pictured above. My mom and I fawned over this pair for quite some months until I finally decided to get it for her for Christmas (2012). I bought it from a shop located on the 2nd floor of Robinsons Place Ermita, Pedr Gil Wing, right beside Bacolod Chicken Inasal. The pair cost me 750 Pesos. It was a steal, right?

My mom was exhilarated receiving this pair, because she fell in love with it the first time she tried it. Finally, she get to own her own pair. She had so many ideas on how she’ll pair it with what, and the pair looked like a promising staple in her wardrobe.

Unfortunately, she never touched it. Not once did she wear it to meetings or special occasions, not even for her ballroom birthday party which was held at our home. The first time this beautiful pair of stilettos was worn was when I needed a black pair of heels to go with my dress during the Be The Big Boss Summit, which was only a week ago! That’s seven months from when I bought it, that the pair spent cooped up inside its white box, cold and sad. Unused, unlike it was promised.

Sure, the pair is a thing of beauty: It’s sexy and fashionable, and will definitely help you catch the attention of a lot of people. But it was also inconvenient to wear. Imagine walking around (running would be a more appropriate term), to meetings on five-inch stilts. First comes the pain of wearing heels. Next comes the risk of tripping miserably on any pothole-infested street, in the midst of a busy crowd. You know that at some point, you are going to change into a pair of slippers, or a comfortable pair of flats or sandals. Anything, anything but this hell of a pair.

So this is why I’ll never make a good fashion blogger: I’ll always prioritize function over fashion. My decision making skills have now been hay-wired to choose things that are efficient and practical over things that you buy just to impress other people. I’m looking to buy things that I can wear over and over again, for a looong period of time, like durable quality pants and that pair of sandals I can use to run to meetings. I’m looking to buy clothes that have a wide range of purpose — be it casual or semi-corporate. It’s about being practical. Why buy tons of clothes I can only wear during a specific occasion? Or wear only a couple of times and be keen to throw out after, when I could be investing my money in things whose value will appreciate?

While it’s going to be a never-ending battle between you and the temptation to buy things that you’ll never really use (or use one to two times, then completely forget about because you’ve moved on to the next), invest in items you’ll use for a long time. It’s practical, saves you more money, and allows you to spend on other more important things. The next time you’re debating with yourself if you’re going to buy this or that, ask yourself, “Can I use this often? (Say, at least two to three times a week) Can this item last or a long time? (Three to five years would be a reasonable period of time)” and then decide if the item would be a good investment. -HANA

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