My First Godchild

We Filipinos have this culture thing wherein we get everyone as godparents for our child’s baptism. I remember being elected by my aunt as a godparent for her child when I was merely seven years old, when the concept of being a godparent still eludes me. I don’t think that was valid at all.

Now that I’m older, though, I understand the responsibilities of a godparent. Being a godparent means you’re taking the responsibility as the second parent of the child. The tasks of guiding the child and bring him up to become a good person is the responsibility of the godparents just as much as it is the responsibility of the real parents. It’s a big task, but now I’m sure that I know what I’m getting into and can live up to the promise I made.

(From L-R) Our godchild, Cale, with his beautiful ninangs: me, Saowie, Rachel, and Kana

What was supposed to be a solemn event turned out to become a mini-reunion of sorts. I haven’t seen these girls for a while! Especially Kate, the mother of my godchild, Cale. Everyone was busy with their own lives, Kate busier with her family of two kids and a husband. I’m glad that we got together under happy circumstances.

The whole gang: Selfie-selfie din pag may time

We missed each other so much we decided to take too many photos that day.

Crazy kids.

And then there were passport photos. Seriously, who decides to take passport photos at a baptismal party?

Passport photos. Taken during a christening party. Oh joy!

We probably got tired playing around, and playing with the kids, that during the LOOONG ride back to España, I was drained.

Dead tired and photobombing. And Rachel still has the energy to snap a selfie :))

Just so you know, I met these crazy, yet wonderful people through an online forum. We were bonded together by our love for Japanese anime and cosplaying. I’m pretty sure you didn’t think that we’re just a bunch of people who met online, and became really good friends afterwards. Normally, you don’t make online friends the godparents of your kid. I guess we’ve grown to be much more than online friends. Our friendship has gone much deeper than that. Despite our history, I can say that these are the people I’ll be spending a happy lifetime with. These are the kind of friends that you keep. -HANA

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