BTS: Rainy Day Shoot

That Sunday when Bagyong Maring decided to hit Manila and nearby cities, I was busy trying to survive the cold, just to get to my destination: Las Piñas. Travel was a bit difficult when you’re lugging all your makeup stuff in one arm, and client documents in the other.

rainy makeup

Me (right), haggardous from braving the strong rains and my model, Saowie

The 3 PM appointment was moved to 4PM because I couldn’t get to the place on time. When I finally got there, it was time to rush because the sun’s setting and the sky is getting darker, so it would be more difficult to shoot outside without good equipment, equipment which we didn’t have.

rainy shoot

Rushing to catch what’s left of natural lighting outside

When we went outside, it was hardly raining, when we actually needed for it to rain down on our shoot.

rainy shoot

BTS: Saowie, the model, before the heavy downpour

And then, the rain poured hard. When I was getting wet despite the umbrella, I realized my umbrella had holes. LOL. We were struggling for light, because at this point, the skies were getting gloomier by the minute. Holding the ineffective umbrella in one hand, and the reflector on the other, we shot for about thirty minutes tops. We couldn’t get any more decent shots after, plus the cold was getting to us, so we headed back to base.

rainy shoot

BTS: My friend, Saowie, the model

Some of the challenges in shooting under the rain, I realized were:

1. My makeup is not waterproof.

2. The SLR is not waterproof.

3. You can only shoot for a limited time until the cold gets to you.

4. If the rain is too light, you’ll have a hard time capturing it using your camera. If the rain is too strong, you’ll have a hard time capturing the model through all the torrential downpour.

5. There’s not much chance to retouch.

6. You need proper and good equipment to make this work.

Just some thoughts of an amateur. It’s amazing that I got the chance to work on this shoot and I learned all these things. I hope I can improve on my skills more! :) ‘Til next time! –HANA

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