Be The Big Boss Summit

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Be The Big Boss Summit, PSE Auditorium, Ortigas

The Be The Big Boss Summit, this year’s biggest entrepreneurship seminar, was held last Friday, July 26, 2013, at the PSE Auditorium, Ortigas Pasig. Featuring the Entrep Champ, Paulo Tibig, and hosted by Financial Guru Randell Tiongson, the seminar aimed to motivate the participants to start their own successful businesses. A panel composed of this country’s top entrepreneurs such as RJ Ledesma of Mercato Centrale, among others, provided the audience insights from real experiences of real entrepreneurs, from failures to successes, and the challenges of entrepreneurship won with hard work and strategies.

In the afternoon, Mr. Paulo Tibig, author of renowned book, Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur, a workbook for starting entrepreneurs, discussed these strategies and how it has been applied in real businesses. It was an engaging discussion on what makes a business venture really successful, and something which start-up owners would appreciate.

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My mom and I with Wealth Coach Chinkee Tan

Wealth coach Chinkee Tan provided a humor-filled discussion on how to become rich and the value of investing. Sir Chinkee was really effective in drilling this important value in the mindset of the audience. It was inspiring how he delivered his ideas in the aim of transforming a positive change in the attitude of his listeners.

chinkee tan wealth coach

Later in the afternoon, Boris Joaquin talked about Corporate Leadership. The audience found the topic very insightful and helpful as well, in their aims of becoming a champion entrepreneur.

Overall, I learned a lot from the seminar series, and was motivated to come up with my own business ideas which have low start-ups. The strategy that has really stuck with me and that I value the most from the summit was “Turn Crisis into Cash.” There is an opportunity in every crisis. We just have to be attentive to the opportunities that present itself from time to time.

strategies of a champion entrepreneur

Me and Alvin Tan at the Bloggers Area

Thanks to Jenny and Luis Magalong of Whiteboard Learning for having us bloggers, and providing an area for us. Thank you also to my co-bloggers who have been with me during the summit.

I look forward to sharing with you in the future learnings from various seminars and summits that I’ll be attending. Until then! -HANA

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