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Hyatt Regency Hotel & Casino Manila’s Balinese Delights

hyatt balinese

Sedap Indonesia: Balinese Delights

PR —Hyatt Regency Hotel & Casino Manila will be home to flavourful culinary traditions from the volcanic island of Bali, Indonesia, also known as the Island of the Gods, in a ten-day food festival at Market Café from 30 August to 8 September.

hyatt balinese

Babi Kecap: one of the many dishes featured in Balinese Delights

Experience a gastronomical journey to Bali through the culinary masterpieces of Chef Ni Made Sadnyani and Chef Kompyang Wikanta from Grand Hyatt Bali, as ...

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Premiere Thought Leaders: The Next Bestselling Authors

premiere thought leaders

Premiere Thought Leaders: The Next Best-Selling Authors

What does it mean to be a thought leader? Well, if we will be following the wisdom from Wikipedia, a thought leader is “an individual or firm that is recognized as an authority in a field whose expertise is sought and often rewarded. “ Basically, it means to be an expert in one field, right? I think that in our world today, there are a handful of experts in any given field, but to be a thought leader, I believe that the prerequisite is the...

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Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen, Rockwell Powerplant Mall

Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen, Rockwell Powerplant Mall (Photo taken from IkkoryuPH’s Facebook Page)

Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen has been taking over Metro Manila! With their first branch at Shangri-la Plaza operating for barely over five months, celebrities and high profile personalities have been seen enjoying the authentic ramen that Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen has to offer.

Now on their third branch at Rockwell Powerplant, their second at SM Aura, the lines for the true Japanese ramen experience is growing long...

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My First Godchild

We Filipinos have this culture thing wherein we get everyone as godparents for our child’s baptism. I remember being elected by my aunt as a godparent for her child when I was merely seven years old, when the concept of being a godparent still eludes me. I don’t think that was valid at all.

Now that I’m older, though, I understand the responsibilities of a godparent. Being a godparent means you’re taking the responsibility as the second parent of the child...

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Out in The Storm

Right after our Rainy Day shoot, all drenched because of our ineffective umbrellas and the strong rain. Seriously, bringing the umbrellas did not make much difference from walking in the rain without our umbrellas. We found refuge at Saowie’s house.

After reviewing the photos, having dinner while watching It Takes a Man and a Woman (bad choice of movie for a cold day), and more chatting, we decided at around 8PM that it was time to head home...

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UNIQLO’s Ultra Stretch Jeans Features Revolutionary New Fabric

uniqlo ultra stretch jeans

Uniqlo’a Ultra Stretch Jeans: 40% Stretch, 90% Shape Retention

PR–August 2013, Manila, Philippines–Leading global apparel brand UNIQLO brings to the Philippines another global innovation in the apparel industry, the Ultra Stretch Jeans (USJ).

Rewriting conventional wisdom about jeans, this product line features a revolutionary fabric that combines incredible stretch with the ability to powerfully spring back in place and retain its shape...

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BTS: Rainy Day Shoot

That Sunday when Bagyong Maring decided to hit Manila and nearby cities, I was busy trying to survive the cold, just to get to my destination: Las Piñas. Travel was a bit difficult when you’re lugging all your makeup stuff in one arm, and client documents in the other.

rainy makeup

Me (right), haggardous from braving the strong rains and my model, Saowie

The 3 PM appointment was moved to 4PM because I couldn’t get to the place on time...

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Studio Makati Black and White Shoot BTS + Group Pics + Selfies

It’s been a while since I’ve been the subject of a shoot, so please bear with me when I release the official photos. I’m used to just being the makeup artist, or the ketket photographer on the shoot.

studio makati

BTS: Me, The Photographer, And Two Other Co-Models

The shoot was a real fun experience for me, and it was made equally enjoyable by the staff of Studio Makati. She is none other than Ate Nimfa. We were just talking and laughing and poking fun at each other the whole time...

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My First Time at Yabu: The House of Katsu, SM Megamall

yabu megamall

Yabu: House of Katsu. Meet the Condiments

When my best friend called me for an emergency best friend meeting (read: a rescue girl talk of sorts), I had to oblige. There was no way in the world you decline your best friend when she’s in need, and in fact, I probably needed someone to talk with as well. When it was finally time to decide where to eat, we agreed to have dinner at Yabu, The House of Katsu at SM Megamall.

I’ve shied away from trying Yabu for the longest time because of the price...

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Five Reasons to Celebrate With a Buffet Night at Corniche, Diamond Hotel

diamond hotel buffet

Five Reasons to Celebrate With a Buffet at Diamond Hotel

Let’s pretend these photos are not tempting enough as they are to make you head over to Corniche, the restaurant of five-star Diamond Hotel. Let me enumerate the reasons why the Diamond Hotel buffet is not something you should miss.

1. Variety

The Diamond Hotel Buffet offers as much as 80-100 dishes, including desserts. They have regular buffets priced at Php 1600/head on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays...

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