Kapitolyo, Pasig : Rediscover Asian Comfort Food at Ninak

Ninak kapitolyo pasig

Ninak @ Kapitolyo, Pasig

If Kapitolyo, Pasig is famous for one thing, it is for having a haven of food places for every one on whatever given budget. It’s amazing to know that another restaurant definitely worth trying has opened just two months ago. Guys and gals, especially rice-loving people, get ready for Ninak.

ninak kapitolyo pasig

Inside Ninak, Kapitolyo Pasig

The brainchild of the same masterminds behind the famous Brothers Burger, this restaurant, Ninak, was named so, and simply because it was kanin, or rice, spelled backwards. Rice has always been a staple food in Asia, and initially, the owners did want to focus on Southeast Asian Dishes, but eventually expanded their menu for more Eastern Asian cuisine. They could have opted to start French-Italian restaurants, but there were already too many in the market. So they decided to go for something closer to home.

ninak kapitolyo pasig

Inside Ninak, Kapitolyo Pasig

A two-floor restaurant, themed green and white with minimalist interior design, Ninak was a spot that provided comfort to its guests. It accommodated our group of ten on its second floor.

ninak menu pasig

Wanton Chips

For appetizers, they served Wanton Chips, which were crunchy, and provided a hint of salt on the taste buds. It made for an ‘okay’ appetizer, something to munch on while waiting for the rest of the orders to be served.

ninak menu kapitolyo

Berry Mango Slush – 110 Pesos

The Berry Mango Slush was my first choice of refreshment, after tirelessly walking to find the place. I actually got down at the wrong stop, and had to use my iPhone to navigate my way to Ninak. The Berry Mango Slush was not too sweet, the ice slushed just right. It tasted very fresh, and even looked very fresh with the pieces of the berry skin dotting the mix.

ninak menu pasig

Tinapa Rice at 135 Pesos

Among the many rice that we tried that day, the Tinapa Rice proved to be the winner for me. Priced at 135 Pesos and good for about two to three people (four, if you’re with some rice-averse person such as myself, haha!) this was very tasty and provided just the right type of salty I’m looking for. The rice was topped with tinapa, tomatoes, and red egg.

ninak menu pasig

Bagoong Rice at 149 Pesos

The Bagoong Rice had green mangoes, onions, and diced pork at the side, and was topped with strips of fried egg. This had a little spice in it, and you won’t miss the taste of bagoong in the rice.

ninak menu pasig

Laksa Soup for 280 Pesos

The Laksa Soup had the distinct flavor of gata, which provided its creamy consistency. It also had tofu, and this was my first time to find tofu swimming in my laksa soup. It was definitely something new, and wasn’t a bad discovery at all. The noodles were well-cooked. And like every person contemplating on ordering Laksa, the initial concern is: “Is it too spicy?” 

ninak kapitolyo pasig

My bowl of Laksa Soup

Of course, Laksa is already known to be a spicy Asian soup, so the question now is if it is too spicy for comfort. The answer is: It’s just right. The creamy consistency made this dish very enjoyable to eat. I had consumed it even before I noticed. I did have to reach for my glass of drink, and had to order another afterwards. Yes, spicy, but will leave you wanting more.

ninak menu pasig

Lamb Massaman Curry for 320 Pesos

I found the Lamb Massaman Curry very delicious, not because I loved curry, but because of the tasty lamb pieces in the soup. The lamb was very tender and tasty. The soup lacked that curry taste for me. Regardless, I enjoyed this dish very much because of the lamb.

ninak menu pasig

Beef Belly for 320 Pesos

ninak menu kapitolyo

Beansprout for 160 Pesos

This was definitely one of the favorites that day: Beansprout, which was priced at 160 Pesos. This mix was very tasty, and well-cooked. It’s not oily as well. Definitely a good and healthy choice for sides.

ninak kapitolyo Pasig

Green Curry Mussels for 290 Pesos

The Green Curry Mussels, priced at 290 Pesos, was very much worth the price. These mussels are Chilean-imported mussels, that’s why it’s priced a little more than in other restaurants offering mussel dishes. The curry soup was very creamy and spicy, and proved best eaten with lots of rice.

ninak kapitolyo pasig

Angus Beef Nilaga

I didn’t get to try the beef portions of the Angus Beef Nilaga, because when it was served to me, it was just soup and corn. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the soup and found the soup sweet, thanks to the corn.


ninak menu asian

Chicken Satay at 255 Pesos

The Chicken Satay is a popular Malaysian dish with skewered chicken with peanut sauce. In the case of Ninak’s, they served theirs with peanut sauce and Cucumber Onion sauce. Since I am not a big fan of peanuts, I enjoyed the Chicken Satay better with the Cucumber Onion Sauce, which I found sweet.

ninak rice pasig

Ninak Rice at 80 Pesos

We also got to try the Ninak Rice, which was one of my favorites as well. The taste was simple, which allows you to taste the flavors of the other dishes better.

ninak kapitolyo pasig

All the good food here at Ninak


ninak pasig kapitolyo

Red Grape Slush

The Red Grape Slush was my second drink for the day. Well, after all the spicy dishes we tried, who wouldn’t go for a second glass of a tall slush? This one had real grape bits mixed and slushed into the drink. I couldn’t really tell what it tastes like. The taste was very faint.

Ninak kapitolyo pasig


Ninak’s serving of Halo-Halo was huge, but priced at 130 Pesos, it should be. Two people can share this dessert. The milk and syrup is served separately, for you to be able to control the amount of milk and the sweetness level.


ninak dessert pasig kapitolyo menu

Turon Halo-halo

Ninak served a fun twist to the usual turon: the Turon Halo-Halo. It promised the flavors of the Philippine Halo-halo in a wrap. This was delicious, but tasted a little dry for me.

ninak asian food pasig

Ninak’s Asian Menu

I loved Ninak’s menu. The dishes are all really close to home with its burst of Asian flavors. I think Ninak could be one of my go-to place for comfort food in the future! I am definitely coming back for their Beansprout, Laksa Soup, and Chicken Satay. Oh, also their Lamb Massaman Curry!

Price Range: 300-500 Pesos

Bring a friend who enjoys indulging in Asian food, and discover for yourself what Ninak has to offer. -HANA

Ninak Restaurant

Unit 101 Seven East Capitol Bldg. East Capitol Drive cor. Sta.Rosa St. Kapitolyo, Pasig

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