Mr. Jones American Diner, Greenbelt 5

mr. jones greenbelt

Mr. Jones @ Greenbelt 5

During the Bloggers’ Edition of the Great Greenbelt Shopping Race, Mr. Jones was our generous host for the day. It gave the feel of a luxurious American diner. The place was exclusively reserved for the activity that was scheduled that day, so there weren’t any other people but the participants for the activity.

Another successful baby of Raintree Restaurants, Mr. Jones stand out because it aims to bring back the 60s flair, with its contemporary feel and offerings of authentic American cuisine. Think milkshakes, gourmet pies, and all-day breakfast to get you excited about Mr. Jones.

mr jones greenbelt

Appetizer : Nacho Rama for 495 Pesos

For starters, we were served this HUGE plate of nachos which five eager bloggers shared and was unable to finish. This generous serving of nachos also had chili beef, smoked cheddar, warm jalapeño, cheddar sauce, sour cream, and spring onions, to name a few. Nacho Rama, priced at 495 Pesos, is a wee bit expensive for an appetizer. For me, it lacked in cheddar sauce, and would have been great if they served a small serving of dip for the nachos. Some people like their nachos swimming in dip. I wouldn’t be an exception to that.

mr jones greenbelt

Salad: Caesar’s Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato, for 395 Pesos

For salad, we were served Caesar’s BLT salad, BLT of course stands for Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato. If you think this dish is simple, wait till you find out that it has also grilled chicken, toasted almond, fresh parmesan, and whole baby romaine. The homemade Caesar dressing is served separately on a small aluminum container. Like all American servings, this one’s good for sharing. It would have been better had the Romaine lettuce been sliced to bite-sized servings which would have made this dish much easier to share.

mr jones menu greenbelt

Pasta: Seafood Cioppino Linguine for 425 Pesos

Definitely my favorite dish among those served, the Seafood Cioppino Linguine for 425 Pesos is worth its price. It’s seafood sauteed in a mildly spicy tomato sauce, with fresh lemon and parsley on top, with the bonus of gigantic croutons which I absolutely love in pasta. The pesto, which I’m not very fond of, is not overpowering. All the seafood in this dish makes this dish value for money. The sauce was very creamy, which made this a great dish.

mr jones menu greenbelt

Entree: Even Better Yankee U.S. Pot Roast for 595 Pesos

The Even Better Yankee US Pot Roast was another crowd favorite. It was extra succulent with the creamy gravy, with potato puree on the side. The slow roasted US rib fingers were very tender and juicy. There were also organic carrots, shallot confit, and haricot verts which just goes to show that the complexity of the dishes served in Mr. Jones are not easily reproducible.

At this point in the meal, I was trying to avoid eating too much because I knew we were going to run around the Greenbelt area like mad women. I didn’t have any more room in my tummy to try the Fish ‘N Chips.

Mr jones menu ayala

Mr. Jones American Diner, Greenbelt

Afte the grueling Shopping Race challenge that we bloggers had to endure, we were served dessert as a treat for all the hard work: A “Classic” Fountain Banana Split.

mr jones greenbelt menu

Dessert: Classic Fountain Banana Split for 350 Pesos

This jolly serving of Chocolate, Mantecado, Strawberry ice cream, topped with whipped cream, sprinkle candies and cherry, over banana slices make this a great dessert for kids and kids at heart. Separately served with three syrups, the chocolate syrup, strawberry puree and pineapple compote, the Class Fountain Banana Split is sure to satisfy the sweet tooth in anyone. Unfortunately, many found this dessert too sweet. I found that the sweetness of the dish was just right, and a great dessert for any hot day.

Overall, Mr. Jones is no doubt an upscale restaurant, and that means that the prices on their menu are steep. You can expect American-sized servings and gourmet dishes, and a 60s diner ambience that is not very common to see. I wouldn’t say that their food offerings are value for money, but I would definitely recommend you try this place during a special occasion, when you can spend a little more than the usual, for great American flavors. -HANA

Mr. Jones American Diner

Phase 2, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, 
Makati City, Philippines 

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