Khoa Bui’s Cashflow Mastery Workshop

khoa bui cashflow mastery

Participants of Khoa Bui’s Cashflow Mastery Workshop

Khoa Bui has done it again with his successful Cashflow Mastery Seminar last July 20, 2013 at the Greenfields Showroon, Pasig City. With seven acclaimed experts in their industry and over thirty participants, this is probably the most successful Cashflow Mastery seminar to date.

Most of the participants were 9-5 employees who refer to themselves as corporate slaves. I was not very different from them, only that I work on a freelance basis. There were also some participants who were already managers, but felt the great need to learn how to earn passive income.

The discussions by 9-5 Millionaire Leila Hernandez, Forex Expert Mark So, and Sun Life on Mutual Funds, have been very helpful in opening a world of possibilities for the participants. I wish I can say the same, but I am already familiar with mutual funds, being a Sun Life Advisor myself, and have already tried my hand in Forex. The talk I valued the most was Leila Hernandez’s, which dealt with investing on real estate. It was an investment that I have yet to imagine for myself, if not for Ms. Leila’s very insightful talk.

During the afternoon, Janet Toral talked about E-Commerce and Internet Marketing. I enjoyed her discussion, especially at the start when she talked about identifying the three passions in one’s life and finding where the three intersect, which makes it that person’s sweet spot. Boris Joaquin and Mae Young talked about Branding and Marketing, respectively, both very new ideas to me. I realized that I’ve never given much attention to how I brand and market myself, which I should pay more attention to.

Lastly, the very beautiful Janice Hung shared her story of becoming a Wushu Champion despite the odds.

The workshop was very interactive, with Khoa engaging the crowd with fun, competitive activities. However, I think that one of the things that was missed during the workshop was Khoa giving some insights himself as to what made him the success that he is now.

khoa cashflow

With Gab, Rodel, Bjorn and Khoa

The 2,500php fee was already inclusive of lunch, free flowing coffee, and certificates.

I highly encourage everyone to attend seminars and workshops such as the Cashflow Mastery Workshop. Consider it as an investment in your learning. It is very important that we make investments which will make us more money, and in order to do that, we have to invest first in ourselves, in our mind, which is our greatest asset. -HANA

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