Increase Your Passive Income with The Cashflow Mastery Seminar

cashflow seminar 2013

The Cashflow Mastery Seminar – July 21, 2013

Featuring renowned author and International speaker Khoa Bui, The Cashflow Mastery Seminar will teach you how to make passive income online, and gain positive cash flow in your life. If you’re a business person, entrepreneur, employee, consultant, or someone who simply wants to improve his/her own cashflow, then this seminar might be just what you need.

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With guest speakers Leila Hernandez from 9-5 Millionaire, E-Commerce Expert Janette Toral, Chief Forex Trainer of Forex Club Asia Mark So, Master Trainer Boris Joaquin, and Management Strategist Mae Young. A powerhouse of speakers that will definitely make an enriching workshop experience.

When: July 20 2013

Time: 9am-4pm

Registration starts: 8:00am

Venue: To Be Announced

Lunch and snacks are included! :)

You may check out Cashflow Mastery Website to register for the event. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to learn the trade secrets in achieving financial freedom. -HANA

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