Experience Chicken Wings Goodness at Wingman, The Collective, Makati

wingman makati

Wingman – Chicken Wings and Drinks

The Collective, Makati – In this small spot in The Collective lies a treasure trove of everything chicken wings. Wingman, as it is called, offers a variety of delectable chicken wing dishes that will surely make you want to try them all.

wingman collective

The Wingman Variety

Their promise? “Our wing sauces are homemade, chicken wings are fried to perfection. Served with carrot sticks and ranch dressing.”

wingman makati

Condiments for use

And if the tasty ranchdressing and spice-infused wings isn’t tickling your tastebuds enough, there are condiments at your disposal.

wingman makati

wingman makati

A tall glass of Iced Tea

I ordered a tall glass of Iced Tea and elected it to be my initial partner-in-crime as I ate away many chicken wings that was served on our table.

wingman makati

Chicken wings makati

Garlic Parmesan Wings

wingman makati

Moroccan Chermoula Wings

Among the wings, I would have to say that my favorites are the Moroccan Chermoula and the Honey Mustard. The Moroccan Chermoula is a little spicy and definitely the most flavorful for me because of the north African spices that was used in the recipe. The Honey Mustard was sweet, and as with all things sweet, I liked it.

Half Dozen Wings are priced at 200 pesos, and a dozen wings at 330 Pesos. Also, dozen wings can be split into two flavors. I don’t think a half dozen wings will ever be enough, so always get the dozen! You save more, too ;)

wingman makati

Potato Wedges and Fries

Wingman definitely served great potatoes that night, be it Wedges or Fries. Unlike many fries, it wasn’t swimming in oil at all, so you can definitely appreciate the taste of the wedges and fries.

wingman makati

Post-genocide photo of the wings

Wings are eaten best with your hands. They also offer thin plastic gloves so that you can eat the wings with your hands without getting your hands dirty. Unfortunately, I opted to knife-and-fork the wings, so I feel like I missed out on something.


wingman Makati

Wingman List of Drinks

Wings go well with drinks, and Wingman definitely has drinks. They have Happy Hour from 6-8PM from Mondays-Thursdays.

wingman makati

Wingman, Makati


wingman collective

Post-dinner Drinks

We had our fill of drinks post-dinner: a bottle of Stella Artois beer and a glass of Margarita.

wingman game night

Erik Waldie, one half of the mastermind behing Wingman, getting ready for game night

And if all that food wasn’t enough to get us all giddy and happy, the owner, Erik Waldie, prepared the hardest questions ever for game night. The prize? A pack of his favorite Tiger Beer. I think everyone wanted to take home one. The group split and teamed up into teams of four

wingman makati

Waiting for the game to start with my new friend, Kimmi of Blogoblab


wingman makati

The Rest of Tim KHAM: Missy, Aldous, and Me

wingman makati

Our miserable score, haha!

So we answered a total of forty of the most difficult questions EVER, and got a spanking 13. We tried our best :)) It just wasn’t our game. The winner got 15, though. Not bad, Team KHAM, not bad.

wingman drinks

Wengweng and Long Island

After that, we got chatting about the new branches that will be opening on Newport City on July 19, and another in Acacia Lane in Taguig City sometime soon. Wingman will definitely be a hit wherever it opens, so make sure to try it for yourself.

I’ll definitely be coming back to Wingman. It’s a fun place to be at with friends, enjoying delicious chicken wings with a drink in hand. -HANA

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  • Aldous  says:

    out of all the teams, our team had the best team chemistry

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