Tambayan sa Kanto, Podium Revisited + Happy Hour Buy 1 Take 1 on Cocktails and Beers

Tambayan sa Kanto podium

Tambayan Sa Kanto Happy Hour Buy 1 Take 1 Promo

It was amazing timing that my friends and I met last week before my Cebu trip. I had wanted to go back to Tambayan sa Kanto at Podium for their Happy Hour Buy 1 Take 1 Promo on Cocktails and Beers, and my friends seem to be looking some booze for themselves as well.

tambayan sa kanto podium

Tambayan sa Kanto Cocktails at Buy 1 Take 1

The promo made everything so sulit! Some of the cocktails were priced at 80 Pesos per glass, which makes it worth only half with the Buy 1 Take 1 Promo in effect. We ordered four different cocktails, but I was only able to try two, because I had class later in the evening, and wanted to teach sober.

Tambayan sa kanto podium

While waiting for food and drinks~

When we arrived at Tambayan sa Kanto, we found that the place was deserted of customers. We were the first customers to arrive for the night, and the next set of customers came only after another hour has passed. While I love that the place is quiet, having very few customers doesn’t look very good for the business. I do hope that more people would know about Tambayan sa Kanto, because it really is a great place to hangout with friends, especially with the promos they’re offering recently.

Since we didn’t come on a Friday or a Saturday night, there wasn’t any acoustic performances. They played OPM music in the background, though, and that was enough to set the mood.

tambayan sa kanto menu

Squid Sisig – 290 Pesos

We ordered Squid Sisig in place of the usual Pork Sisig because we were with a friend who can’t have pork. Despite this, we found the squid sisig very delectable. It was also extremely spicy, and this is coming from me, who’s a big fan of spicy foods. Nevertheless, I liked the Squid Sisig a lot. It wasn’t very oily unlike the usual sisig bathing in oil.

Tambayan sa kanto podium

My friends enjoying their cocktails and appetizers


Tambayan sa Kanto podium

Dynamite – 250 Pesos

Tambayan sa Kanto’s Dynamite is a must-try! This definitely blew me away, because it tasted so good. The dynamite consists of breaded chili fingers stuffed with cheese and beef. The serving is also good for sharing, but it only left me wanting more. I could have consumed one platter of Dynamite all by myself! Extremely delicious and tasty because of the cheese, as well as the sauce.

tambayan sa kanto podium

Attacking my piece of Dynamite

The Dynamite is enough reason for me to come back another time to Tambayan sa Kanto, Podium with friends who are alcohol-thirsty. The Dynamite makes for a really good pulutan or sides when having beers or cocktails.

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