Food Hopping at Piazza Elesia, Talamban, Cebu City

I had a lunch meeting with friends at Piazza Elesia, at Talamban City, Cebu, and boy, did we have a hard time finding the place. The taxi driver wasn’t familiar with the place at all, and with some navigation help from my friend, we were able to find the place after much confusion. Piazza Elesia is located past Cabangcalan, and there’s a big sign that will give it away.

I was somewhat intent on having my afternoon meeting at Piazza Elesia because I had three food places on my list that was located in the Piazza. At almost two in the afternoon, we found that most food establishments in the Piazza were still closed, and that, if open, closes at two in the afternoon. Tough luck getting to Piazza Elesia, thirty minutes away from where I’m staying, only to have nowhere to eat.

I decided to settle for Everything Yummy. After all, I was dying to try their Adobomb and Chorizo meals — Chori burger and Chorizo with Rice and Egg. I skipped breakfast, though, so even if I’m not a big rice eater, I finished a plate of Adobomb (Adobo with Rice and Egg) by myself.

everything yummy cebu

Everything Yummy’s Adobomb – Adobo with Rice and Egg

~And this is why I make a lousy food blogger at times. Kain muna bago picture. The Adobo was lacking in serving and a little dry, but it remained flavorful and tasty. The meat was tender as well. I wished the rice was Sinangag.

Everything yummy cebu

Chorizo Meal

On the upper left-hand corner of the photo, you can see the small serving of chorizo. It also came with Rice and egg, your choice of either sunny side up or scrambled. The Chorizo was ground, and it was lacking in spiciness. The serving may look small, but it’s just right.

I was full at this point and wanted to have coffee and desserts, so I had to skip on the Choriburger. Also, the staff allowed us to stay until past three, despite the fact that they were supposed to close at two in the afternoon.

We moved on to Fresco, a small pastries shop located one shop away from Buddies Burger. There were no other coffee shops open in Piazza during that time, which left us no choice but to discuss in Fresco, with its overpowering sounds making sure that I get distracted from my train of thought from time to time.

Piazza Elesia Cebu fresco

Sylvanas, Sambos, and Coffee at Fresco Bakeshop

The coffee was a little sad. But when it comes to my daily dose of caffeine, I’m not very choosy. I just have to have one cup to avoid getting a migraine attack.

piazza elesia cebu

Sambos and Sylvanas at Fresco Bakeshop, Piazza Elesia, Cebu

The sambos and sylvanas were a hell to eat. The crumbs fell everywhere, I had to scrape off half a centimeter layer of crumbs from them just so that I could bite into it and hope that none would fall on my clothes. It was sweet and delicious, but it was too much of a hassle to eat.

Finally at around five in the afternoon, Okonomiyaki Sacchan, one of the food places I’ve been eyeing to try, has opened shop.

Okonomiyaki Sacchan

Okonomiyaki Sacchan at Piazza Elesia, Cebu City

It was a small stall offering a limited menu of Japanese foods, such as their specialty, Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki, Ramen, and many more. The staff also knew how to speak Nihongo, Bisaya and some tagalog.

okonomiyaki sacchan cebu

Okonomiyaki Sacchan at Piazza Elesia

Despite the limited space, they made sure it was well-decorated and gave that Japanese street-stall vibe. They had seats in a covered area of the Piazza, which we made ourselves comfortable in. It has been raining all afternoon, so these hot Japanese treats are sure going to warm us up pre-dinner.


okonomiyaki sacchan cebu city

Okonomiyaki with All Toppings

The pride of Okonomiyaki Sacchan, their delicious Okonomiyaki with all toppings was priced at 190 Pesos per plate. They likened it to a pizza with cabbage as base, and referred to it as that for those who were unfamiliar with okonomiyaki. It had squid, tempura flakes, red ginger, and spring onion for toppings. The diameter of the okonomiyaki was roughly about 6 inches. It was delicious and the sauce made it flavorful. It was well worth the price.

okonomiyaki sacchan cebu city

Okonomiyaki Sacchan’s Takoyaki — Six pieces for 90 Pesos

Of course, the day did not end without my friends challenging me to a Takoyaki Challenge. The rule? First to finish their serving of takoyaki wins. And while Okonomiyaki Sacchan’s Takoyaki must be very delicious, I couldn’t taste it under the pressure of losing my crown to my two friends. They just swallowed the thing without effort, while I tried my best to savor it and still took a shot at winning. The takoyaki was very soft and creamy, which made it easy to swallow whole. But you won’t get to enjoy it if you do that, right? It was lacking in squid flake toppings, which was my favorite in a takoyaki. It had little and very fine squid flake toppings, which provided little taste. Okonomiyaki Sacchan’s Takoyaki is priced at 90 Pesos for six pieces.

Piazza Elesia would not be a good place to have lunch at, because most food establishments open at late afternoon. I observed that there were only three establishments open at lunchtime — Buddies Burger, Fresco Bakeshop and Everything Yummy. I’d love to come back to Piazza and try Buddies Burger next time. -HANA

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