The New McDonald’s McSpicy Chicken Burger Challenge


I love all things spicy. So when I heard about the new McSpicy Chicken Burger, I was dying to try it with some friends. And if you’ve seen Jessy Mendiola’s TV Commercial for the McSpicy Chicken Burger, I think it would make it more difficult to resist grabbing this new burger from a McDo branch nearest you. Yes, Jessy Mendiola made me buy the new McSpicy Burger :)) Deal with it.


McDonald's McSpicy Chicken Burger

McDonald’s McSpicy Chicken Burger – 115 Pesos with Regular Fries and Drinks

My box of McSpicy Chicken Burger had a burger with sloppily placed big slices of cut cabbage, and more mayo drooping from one side of the burger. Nevertheless, the burger was warm, and the size of the chicken was as advertised. The burger was big, and it was difficult to bite into because of its size. It’s not really a bad thing, and I’d prefer to be complaining about how big the burger is than how small it is any given day. The chicken was spicy, though I think it could be spicier. I’d rate the spiciness of the McSpicy Chicken Burger a 3 out of 5. However, I think the chicken is a little dry. My friends say that KFC’s Zinger fared better, but I think I’m happy with the McSpicy Chicken Burger for now. That, and fries, and a cold cup of coke.

Now if only McDo stopped being stingy with the ketchup, I would love them even more. -HANA

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